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Tournament Info

Tournaments can be run in many different types. Tournaments can be run with any of these options toggled:

  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3+
  • Free Use
  • Poisoned Weapons
  • Potions
  • Magic Items

Joining a Tournament

Tournament signup will be announced via a world broadcast, town criers and on IRC. Once signups open, gates will be placed at West Britain Bank, Buc's Den Bathhouse and Delucia bank. You have 10 minutes to make your way to the signup area and sign up for the event. To sign up, double click on the Tournament Master who is in the waiting area. He will give you an option to join the tournament. If you decide not to partipate, you can click him again to leave the tournament.

Enter Tournament Gump

If the tournament is a team tournament (2v2, 3v3+), then the Tournament Master will also give you an option to add a team member. The team member you add must not be signed up for the tournament already, or else they are classified as a team leader themselves.

Enter Tournament Gump

Once you are signed up, you may not leave the waiting area until either you have been defeated, or the tournament is over. This is to avoid disrupting normal gameplay.

On Tournament Start

When the tournament starts, everyone goes into a queue to have their matches. There are 4 available arenas for players to fight in, and players will be automatically pulled to an arena when it is their turn to fight. If the tournament has a number of participants that are not a power of 2 (eg, not a perfect tournament tree), the first round will essentially be a qualifier with a few partipants to break the tree down to a perfect tournament number.

The tournament format is single elimination. Once you lose a match, you do not get a second chance. You are out of the tournament.

When a match starts, you will be given an option to open your bank to get more supplies. Once the wall drops (in 10 seconds), this option is removed.

Tournament Start

The winner of the tournament will receive a trophy marking their achievement, and if there are 10 or more teams, second place will also receive one as well. The platinum worth of the trophy depends on the participant count.


You may not enter multiple accounts into a tournament. If you have multiple players from the same household, please contact Jack to remove restrictions for your account. If a player is disconnected, the player is treated as "dead". This means that if that person is the last remaining player alive on the team, the match will end with the other team as the winner. In 1v1 this means disconnection is an instant loss. A match will last for 10 minutes before Sudden Death is triggered. When Sudden Death is triggered, players can no longer perform beneficial actions on themselves or their team mates. If the match is not over 90 seconds after sudden death triggers, a random player is selected to be killed.

MyUOLostLands Tournaments

UO Lost Lands includes an extensive tournament tracking system. Upon tournament completion, the website will automatically be updated with the latest information on tournaments.


Clicking on an individual tournament will lead to a tournament tree, showing all matches that took place in that tournament with their respective winners and losers.


Each player profile on MyUOLostLands, will display information about their tournament wins and losses, as well as the last time they participated.


The leaderboard for the tournament system is split into 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3+ matches.


1v1 Leaderboard

PvM Leaderboard

PvM Leaderboards

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