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About Us

UO Lost Lands is a free shard that aims to replicate Ultima Online largely as it was during the T2A era. On UO Lost Lands, we keep the base mechanics of the era, while taking common sense into consideration and striving to perfect the era. The shard's basic mechanics are firmly rooted in the T2A era (1999), with the exception of bugs and exploits.

Our shard offers a Felucca only ruleset, which means player action is never restricted, Ultima Online is a full sandbox experience.

Since the beginning, UO Lost Lands has been focused on creating a community, which has steadily gained players. Although we are not the biggest shard, we have plenty of activity in our PvM, PvP and RP communities. Utmost care has gone into our basic mechanics, and countless hours have gone into creating quality systems for players of any amount of UO experience to get involved in.

Our staff are second to none, we are friendly and willing to hear our your ideas or complaints about how we can improve the shard. Backed by talented coders, UO Lost Lands can go as far as the imagination.

A Shard By Players, For Players

UO Lost Lands is brought to you by UO veterans of over 15 years. Like many others, we have experienced the good and the bad of Ultima Online. As such, we are dedicated to bringing a great game experience. We have worked slowly toward creating both a fun and authentic experience, taking care with each change we make. The shard will continue to see content updates and mechanical adjustments from our passionate staff.

UO Lost Lands aims to include the better parts of RunUO customization, with systems that promote longevity of player interest. This includes regular scheduled events of both PvM and PvP varieties, rare collectibles and monsters, a fully fledged achievement system and a very extensive long term reward system, where rewards must be earned.

Although we accept donations, there will never be any in game benefit for a player who donates, not even cosmetic. Pay to win does not belong in Ultima Online.

Shard Rules

  • Maximum amount of 3 accounts per player per IP. Additional accounts will be banned, unless there is a documented exception. If you have more than one person playing from your household and want additional accounts, you must talk to staff first, not AFTER you have made the additional accounts.
  • Account sharing is strictly forbidden
  • Unattended macroing is okay. What is not okay, is the unattended gathering of resources.
  • Unattended gathering of resources in the game is illegal. This includes mining, lumberjacking, sheep shearing, picking cotton and fishing (It is okay to fish unattended from land ). First offense will be a warning, second temporary ban, third will be a permanent ban.
  • Players must use the official UO Client or ClassicUO. Other non EA/OSI clients are disallowed.
  • Houses decay in 14 days if not refreshed. Boats are on the same timer.
  • Scripting/Macroing with any tool other than Razor is illegal and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Carpet Bombing: If you place enough items in a carpet bomb to cause client crashes, you must clean it up to a manageable level where it will no longer cause a client crash. When you do this, it causes staff to have to respond and clean up the carpet bomb, which is entirely a waste of our time. Starting from now, if you fail to follow this rule, your accounts will temporarily banned as punishment. This shard does not make money, the staff here are entirely volunteers doing this in our free time, and we do not have time to deal with matters that can easily be avoided by using common sense.
  • Real Money Trading, Cross-Shard Trading, and UOLL Policy on it: This is not condoned. Frankly, I don't care if you do it, but if any scam takes place, you are entirely at fault and we will not get involved at all. It's against the rules but it will not be actively punished or enforced, the only punishment will be your own folly. Posting publicly, talking publicly about it in game or in Discord about a real money trade or scam, whether you were the perpetrator or the victim, will result in a ban for YOU. We don't want to know and do not want to get involved. Cross shard trading will simply be ignored by staff.
  • Afk tracking. On a case by case basis, using the tracking skill in an afk manner that falls under a form of grief is no longer legal.
  • Afk ghosting. On a case by case basis, afk ghosting that is causing grieves is no longer legal. Yes you can afk ghost to rare hunt and location watch, just not to perform grief actions.

Discord Rules

Most first offences dependant on case will be dealt with a warning and server mute, continued rule breaking will result in discord ban. Repeated breaking occurrences of discord bans may result in account wide bans.

  • Advertising for other shards is not condoned. You are free to talk about other shards, but suggesting that someone else play another shard or obvious advertising is not.
  • Listing yourself as one of the first visible discord users, while advertising another shard in your status will result in a nickname change to push you further down the list. Undoing this nick change without removing your status will result in the permission to change nick being taken away.
  • Telling someone to "leave the server" is completely unacceptable and will also not be tolerated in game.
  • Be respectful towards other players. Repeated targeting and badmouthing of players is unacceptable.
  • Be respectful toward staff. This shard is totally free of charge and donation rewards. Staff put in their free time to make UO Lost Lands a fun place to play.
  • If you have an issue with another player, take it up in private message. Do not bicker about it in any UOLL channels.
  • Nicknames targeted toward harassment or badmouthing another player are not acceptable, this is harassment.
  • Threatening to "leave the shard" if demands are not met to staff or other players in channel is grounds for instant dismissal from Discord.
  • Scamming through the public channel in Discord or via a public forum post is not permitted. If ALL negotiations are done in private and public posts are not utilized at all, this is legal (because there is no way to enforce a private message), so in that situation, buyer beware.
  • Impersonation of other players or staff will result in instant dismissal.
  • Staff reserve the right to ban trolls or unruly people. The decision to kick/ban players from the network is entirely at staff discretion.
  • Staff do not enforce or investigate anything that is said in a PM between players, unless the person is breaking the impersonation rule. If you are being harassed in a PM, block the person. There is a permissions group in Discord called "The Naughty Corner", which will be used for soft/temporary bans. People in this group will not be able to speak in the majority of channels, but will still be able to private message. People will be placed in this group when they are being a disruption to the main channel. There has been a lot of anti social behavior in Discord recently and we'd like to stomp this out as it is entirely unwelcoming to new players.
  • Ban evasion can result in termination of your in game accounts.
  • Discord avatars: keep them family friendly.
  • Any form of doxxing is now going to result in indefinite bans from Discord. This includes using other people's real life photos as your avatar. If you are linking someone's picture, social media pictures, or revealing personal information about another player against their will, you are liable for instant dismissal from Discord.
  • Any form of derogatory language towards racial, LGBTQ+ groups will not be tolerated in any form be it player or staff. Please chose your words to fit the company you are in and respect the diverse community we live and play in.

Skill Gain Rate

A commonly asked question is how fast skills gain here. A rough guide is below:

  • Lore skills take between 18-24 hours.
  • Blacksmithy takes around 30-40k ingots, carpentry around 80k boards.
  • Weapon skills take around 12 hours.
  • Magery should cost around 80k to GM, and take about a day and a half to macro.
  • Animal taming is slow, an optimal time for this is not yet known. With regular play and a determination to GM animal taming, it would probably take around a week.
  • Bardic skills take around 24 hours. Musicianship takes around 10.

UO Lost Lands includes a power hour feature, which allows players to accelerate their skill gain for 1 hour, each day.

Key Differences in T2A from other eras

The Second Age expansion (T2A) is the era we aim to replicate, as such, we have listed the major differences in play here.

  • You may own 1 house per character.
  • A tamer can have as many pets as they like. There are no follower caps.
  • There are no special hits (ie: stun punch, paralyzing blow).
  • Poison can be healed through using magery or heal potions.
  • There is no "defensive wrestling" bonus (anatomy + eval).
  • There are no combat bonuses to characters with skills such as alchemy, lumberjacking, poisoning or inscription.
  • Nearly all player loot drops to corpse on death. Items are usually fairly easily replaceable, gear matters much less in T2A than other eras.
  • Houses have a much lower lockdown/secure limit. However, items do not decay in houses, so houses essentially have near unlimited storage. Be careful with the security of your house, if a thief gets hold of your house key, you could potentially lose your belongings!
  • Player vs Player action is not restricted. However if a player murders too much, they will suffer a skill and stat penalty upon resurrection. This is up to a maximum of 20%.
  • Aggressors and criminals are not restricted from using moongates or recalling.
  • Clothing and jewelry can come with many charged magical affixes, such as invisibility, spell reflect, teleportation and stat buff clothing and jewelry.
  • Many skills that became "difficulty based" in later eras, were not difficulty based in T2A. Most notably, this includes Provocation. With GM in musicianship, your chance of successfully provoking is equal to that of your Provocation skill.
  • Spells can be "precast". You can cast a spell, then equip an item or use a potion, for example, without losing your spell target.
  • If your melee swing is ready, you can immediately swing a weapon after equipping it. This is commonly referred to as "insta hit" (although is technically "insta swing").

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