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Picture of the Month
[Image: towninvasion.jpg]
April 2015 Winner - Contessa

[Image: 0415PoTM.png]

New Museum - Sauron

[Image: r698fS6.jpg]
[Image: jack-sig.png]
Picture of the Month - May 2015

Congratulations to Sauron for submitting this month's picture of the month. Sauron stumbled into a bit of a trap...

[Image: ZWf4hD9.jpg]

Thanks to Shadow for his submission, some dolphins stole his fish!

[Image: hvbYCg3.jpg]

Be sure to enter next month!
[Image: jack-sig.png]
[Image: 2mzWG.jpg]

Congrats to Swunk for winning the prize for June!

Lots of great entries in June!
[Image: jack-sig.png]
Congrats to Ziggy for winning the Picture of the Month in July, a great event which the Pixel Slayers guild put together, Potion Wars:
[Image: PotionWars.jpg]

You can also see Ziggy's video of it here:
[Image: jack-sig.png]
Congrats to Doggfather for his picture of the month for August '15! He braved the depths of Terathan Keep on a character many would say was ill-equipped to do so Smile

[Image: POTM-August15.png]

Lots of great entries this month, sad I could not pick them all. Thank you to everyone that entered!
[Image: jack-sig.png]
September 15 Winner - Greta (with Lotta & Donna McMonDrake)

The sorcerers perform a cleansing ritual to clear evil from the lands!

[Image: potm-sep15.png]
[Image: jack-sig.png]
Congratulations to Fionne for winning the PoTM in October '15! with a great deco job and scene. Her submission was wntitled "Evil Alchemy and Cookies Don't Mix"

[Image: sLAtIMc.jpg]

There were lots of great entries this month, check them out here:
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[Image: jack-sig.png]
Congrats to Blyth for winning Picture of the Month in November with a great deco job!

[Image: potm-nov15.jpg]

Was a hard one to pick this month, check out all the entries here:
[Image: jack-sig.png]
Congrats to Fionne for winning Picture of the Month in December with a well timed screenshot of the Christmas event!

[Image: potm-dec15.png]

Lots of great entries as usual, check out the December entries here:
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