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Double Domination

Note: DD is very similar to CTF, hence why this guide is very similar.

When DD signups open, gates will be placed at Britain Bank and inside the bathhouse in Buccaneer's Den. The gates will lead to the DD signup area. The waiting area for DD is a combat free zone, players cannot do anything in this area except join the game and talk if they wish.

Once in the waiting area, double click the stone to join the game queue. Teams are completely random and will be decided when the game actually starts. Once you have joined the game, you are free to leave the area. However beware. If you die before the game starts, you will be taken out of the game queue. You may re-sign up, just be careful of your timing.

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Any duplicate IPs will be kicked out of the game. If you have 2 players in the same household which want to play, you will need to ask for an exemption. Please contact me about this.

Joining the game with the intent of simply idling or griefing your own team can result in you being barred from events on all of your accounts.


When the game starts, the following happens:

Any horse you are riding will be automatically "stabled". Do not dismount your horse before the game or it will probably go wild during the game, if you do not stable it. When the game finishes, you will automatically be riding your horse again. Items become free use. This means, for example, if you have 1 total refresh potion, you will be able to continually use that potion without it being consumed.

Items that are free use:

  • Reagents
  • Bandages
  • Potions (excluding explosion)
  • Weapons (durability is always considered maxed, weapons will not break)
  • Armor (as above)

Items that will not be considered for free use:

  • Poison potions for poisoning weapons.
  • Explosion potions
  • Scrolls

Changes happen to items while the game is running:

All magic properties on weapons/armor/jewelry/clothing are nullified.

Weapons, armor and clothing are no longer scaled by durability. They cannot break or take damage. Wands/gnarled staves no longer function.

Rings can no longer be used.

Playing Double Domination

The goal of Double Domination is for your team to control 2 "waypoints" simultaneously, long enough to score a point. If your team can control both successfully for 10 seconds, your team scores.

To begin capturing a waypoint, you must walk over it. You do not need to be standing on the waypoint for the entire 10 seconds, but the opposing team can not walk over it either. As soon as the opposing team moves over the waypoint, capture progress is reset and the other team is now "capturing the point".

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Successfully dominating and scoring a point

Now that red team is in control of the South point, they must also control the north point at the same time. This screenshot is a 1v1 match, but usually the teams would be fighting for control of both points simultaneously. Red dominates "DDPlayer" with his GM powers and successfully dominates. The waypoint will take 10 seconds to turn fully into the team color and be dominated.

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  • Your team will win if you have more points than the other team after 20 minutes.
  • A successful domination is 15 points.
  • Killing an enemy team member is 1 point.
  • Individual score does not matter, except for bragging rights. There are no individual rewards.
  • Players of the winning team will receive 1 platinum each, when the game completes.

Map Mechanics

  • There is currently 1 DD map on UO Lost Lands.
  • You cannot attack your team mates. AOE spells will not do damage to team.

On Game Completion

When the game is completed, all players will be resurrected and sent back to the waiting room. A scoreboard will be displayed to the player, with a list of each player's scores displayed, ranked by highest score.

Statistics that are displayed:

  • Score ( at the moment individual score = kills )
  • Kills
  • Damage Dealt (damage to yourself does not count)
  • Damage Healed (to self does count)
  • The winning team will receive 1 platinum, placed into their bank.

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