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Is PvM more your style? Are you the most badass bard on the shard? Want to prove it?!

If you answered yes to any of the above, well then my friend, this is the game for you. How Survival works is as basic as the name of the game. You will be put in a small box arena and wait for monsters to come at you. One by one they come. Survive as long as you can. To begin, your opponents will be very easy, such as a Mongbat. Steadily your foes increase in potency until it is Ancient Wyrm after Ancient Wyrm with no end in sight until your inevitable demise.

Joining a Game

When Survival signups open, gates will be placed at Britain Bank, Buccaneer's Den bathhouse, and Delucia Bank. The gates will lead to the Survival signup area.

The waiting area for Survival is a combat free zone from which you can watch the competitors.

Once in the waiting area, double click the stone to join the game queue. Once you have joined the queue, you are free to leave the area. However beware. If you die before the game starts, you will be taken out of the game queue. You may re-sign up, just be careful of your timing. Any duplicate IPs will be kicked out of the game. If you have 2 players in the same household which want to play, you will need to ask for an exemption. Please contact Jack about this. Adjacent to the waiting area are the competitors’ cells. As there are only 4 cells, only 4 players at a time may compete during a round. If a player is not assigned to a cell in the first round, that player will be assigned in one of the following rounds.

Playing the Game

When the game begins, each player is placed into a separate 10x10 tiled cell. After a few moments, monsters will spawn every X seconds beginning with the lowly mongbat and proceeding to the powerful ancient wyrm. After the first ancient wyrm spawns, ancient wyrms will continue to spawn on a decreasing timer.


The player’s objective is to survive as long as possible with the goal of outlasting all of the other participants and, if possible, beat the record holder’s time. It's that simple! Survive!

Restrictions to Mechanics

  • All consumables are allowed and will be consumed.
  • There are no item restrictions.
  • Teleport may not be used in any form.
  • Invisibility in the form of the skill, spell, and items may be used, but players will be revealed on a continually decreasing timer.
  • On Game Completion

When a round is completed, all players will be resurrected and sent back to the waiting room. The leaderboard will be displayed to the player.

  • The winning player will receive a trophy that will be placed into their pack.
  • If the winning player also beat the previous highest survival time, the special trophy will also be placed into their pack.
  • If the winner sets a new "Britannian record", they will be awarded the Lifetime Survivor Trophy. Only the top player on the shard has this trophy, so it is subject to be taken away from you if the record is beaten.

MyUOLL Survival Statistics

UO Lost Lands includes an extensive statistics tracking system. Upon survival completion, the website will automatically be updated with the latest information.


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