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Football for Ultima Online! Bagball requires no character skills to get involved.

Bagball is a non-PvM, non-PvP event, with a simple goal: get the Bagball into the goal, and score a point for your team.

Joining a Game

When Bagball signups open, gates will be placed at Britain Bank, Buccaneer's Den bathhouse, and Delucia Bank. The gates will lead to the Bagball signup area.

The waiting area for Bagball is a combat free zone from which you can watch the competitors.


Once in the waiting area, double click the stone to join the game queue. Once you have joined the queue, you are free to leave the area. However beware. If you die before the game starts, you will be taken out of the game queue. You may re-sign up, just be careful of your timing.

Any duplicate IPs will be kicked out of the game. If you have 2 players in the same household which want to play, you will need to ask for an exemption. Please contact Jack about this.

Once you are signed up, simply wait for the round to begin. There can be a maximum of 8 participants in a single round of Bagball, however if more than 8 people sign up, a second game will run immediately afterward.

Playing the Game


  • When the game begins, all signed up players will be put into a formation on the field.
  • After a countdown, players must try lift the bagball into the goal.
  • A player can not move while holding the Bagball.
  • If a player holds the Bagball for too long, it will drop to the ground.
  • If the Bagball is thrown out of the field of play, a penalty is given to the other team. A random team member will be selected to throw the Bagball "back in bounds".
  • If the Bagball is thrown out of bounds again from a penalty shot, the round will reset to the center of the field.

The first team to score 10 points wins. All members of the winner's team will receive 1 platinum each.

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