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Town Invasions, Monster Bash event, misc

This patch is not yet live, it will be patched with a restart later today.

Patch 25 notes have been merged with the mini patch notes from the other day, just to keep patch notes clean. We now have the ability to launch town invasions and monster bash events. Rumor has it Neira is conspiring to launch an attack on Skara Brae very soon!

  • Houses now have an era accurate gump menu. There is no functionality change here, only the look of the menu.
  • It is now possible to drop on all tower/keep/castle lips.
  • You can no longer drop an item if its target location is more than 20 Z different from your location.
  • Fixed errors with small stone towers and patios having many more lockdowns than they should have. As small stone towers were never in T2A, the number of lockdowns they have are based on a price comparison with other houses. Existing houses of these types will not see a reduction in max lockdown/secures.
  • The following skills are now easier to gain:
    • Cartography (20%)
    • Archery (25%)
    • Detect Hidden (33%)
    • Remove Trap (100%)
  • When you miss with archery, and the arrow/bolt lands on the same tile as an existing arrow/bolt, the ammo will now stack. The amount of ammo left over from training was sometimes so huge that it would cause massive client lag to anyone in the area.


  • Tournament trophies can now be turned into the platinum vendor in return for platinum.
  • Monster kills are now being tracked for the upcoming website additions. Any monsters you kill will appear in the monster tracking system once it is live.
  • Appropriate music should now play when you enter the wilderness and taverns.
  • Player event corpses no longer decay. If for some reason the player does not receive all their items back, their corpse is stored for safekeeping. If you notice any bug where an item is not returned during an event, please PM me.

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