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Patch 64 - Minor tweaks

Fixed a bug with hue of the month causing it to not visually update on the vendor.

Fixed a bug with miner, ranger and thief NPCs where multiple items of the same slot were sometimes equipped. This could cause a client crash on approaching them.

You may no longer track things on land from sea.

When tracking to/from a dungeon, you must now be in the same region to track the target. For example, you cannot track someone in Wind from Shame and vice versa. You cannot track someone outside a dungeon from inside a dungeon, or vice versa.

Certain magic items now have cooldowns, as follows

  • Heal wands: 5 seconds, applied when the spell is released.
  • Teleport items: 5 seconds, applied when the spell is released.
  • Reflect items: 10 seconds, applied when the item is equipped.

Chance of receiving spell reflect, invisibility, wands and spell reflect items in loot has been reduced.

Bot changes:

  • Murders are no longer reported in the #uolostlands channel, only #uollpvp.
  • !status will report whether the server is up/down, but player counts/item numbers have been removed. During periods of inactivity on UOLL, !status is more used as a troll command than any actual interest whether the server is up or not. Player counts are available on the website if you wish to see them.

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