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Patch 63 is now live!

12 new mini bosses have been added, you can view them by clicking here. These bosses drop previously unobtainable chest hues, statues, named lanterns and cloth. These will be spawning soon.

Following the introduction of new dungeon mini bosses, new mask dye tubs, runebook dye tubs, hair and beard dyes have been introduced with these hues.

Mini heal no longer has a "special delay" and follows normal spell delays.

There is now no minimum purchase price for gold to be taken from your bank account, when purchasing from town vendors.

Trapped pouches now display a red hue. Using the command [poppouch will use a trapped pouch from your inventory. This obeys normal action delays.

New platinum rewards have been added - prices TBD, will be added to vendors by Lambo.

  • House increase coowners deed. Increases the max co-owners the house can have.
  • House lockdown increase deed. Increases house lockdowns by 50 when targeting your house sign (must be house owner).
  • House secure increase deed. Increase house secures by 3 when targeting your house sign.
  • "Courtyard cleaning" deed. When targeting a house sign, the area inside the house and courtyard will be cleared of all previously marked runes (including your own), both loose runes and runebooks. Any logged out characters in the courtyard & house will be bumped to the doorstep on login.
  • Sixth character slot deed. Adds a 6th character slot to your account.
  • Ancient apron - increases alchemy by 25 for 600 successful crafts.

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