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Patch 62 - 5/5/2019

Patch 62 is live!

Patch 62 is live!


  • Bounty information sent through discord will show the murderers incognito name instead of their real name.


  • Monster statues on the platinum vendor have been fixed.

  • Added a Clothing Unbless Deed item - stay tuned for where to buy them.

  • Stone Pickaxe now guarantees granite with every charge.

  • Level 6 BOD cloth has been introduced


  • In preparation for turning on condemned housing in game commands have been added to ease players in to the process. Tell your friends: "Refresh your houses"!

  • Stone and marble workshops are now available!

Crystal Cavern

  • Crystal Cavern mobs have been permanently coded in to the game and will replace the existing spawn.

  • Captain Franklin is a new mini-boss in the crystal caverns. Instead of a statue he drops a crystal staff. The staff comes in one of the 3 crystal colors

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