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Patch 51 - 10/24/16 - Halloween


Halloween content is in!

  • Britain and Vesper have been decked out for Halloween. The summoner in Vesper has function, this is for players to figure out.
  • Creatures can be found around various parts of the mainland and some dungeons. Creatures are on a long respawn timer so you will have to move around and look. Spawn may currently be a bit light, we will be working to add some more spawns throughout the event.
  • Carrying a shovel may be handy.
  • Special holiday themed treasure maps can be found.
  • If you find a "skull of summoning" - hording these items is pointless as they are not rare, they are just the same look as a player skull. They may have another function, however...
  • A halloween vendor will be placed at the bank which you can spend your coins on.
  • There will be no "handout" rewards on Halloween, instead you'll have to play to get them.
  • Halloween content will run for about a week.


  • The Discord bot has been rewritten and should now be more responsive and stable.
  • When gating pets that are in combat, they should no longer try to walk across the map to get back to where they were.
  • Big fish caught that are under 20 stones are no longer labelled "an old big fish".
  • Various internal work to make future seasonal events less work to set up and kick off.

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