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Patch 47 - 05/14/16 - Poker, Accurate VDP, Water Barrels


  • Texas Hold'Em Poker has been added to UOLL
  • There is a table upstairs in the library by Lord British's castle. It has a 500 gold small blind, 1000 gold big blind, 10k min buy in and 100k max buy in.
  • Poker rakes 10% of every pot as a gold sink, up to a maximum of 100k.
  • Poker stats can be found here: https://uolostlands.com/poker
  • Poker stats will be watched for bugs before adding links to these from character profiles.

Water Barrels

  • An interesting "bug" (maybe it wasn't even a bug) from OSI has been added in. You can now fill empty NPC water barrels with water, which will change the itemid of the barrel and cause it to stop blocking movement. Once you empty the barrel, it will now become movable, so you can pick it up and use it for deco.
  • You can place a water barrel anywhere in the world and fill it with water. It will become non-movable and will not decay.
  • Water barrels can be filled with as much water as you want.

Accurate VDP

  • A lot of work has been put in to discovering exactly how item identification and VDP worked in the demo. I am happy to say we now have a 100% accurate formula for calculating the value of a piece of clothing, weaponry or armor.
  • This includes accurate values for magical weapons/armor. You may find some no longer sell to vendors for as much gold as before. Some magical properties may be worth more.
  • When placing an item onto a player vendor, it will now have a default value equal to the amount that would be returned when using item identification. This is currently only the case for weapons, armor, clothing, runebooks and spellbooks. VDP will eventually cover every possible item.
  • This will allow players to accurately map the maximum possible quality for weapons and armor, and price accordingly.


  • You can no longer recall in certain parts of Terathan Keep (fix, was broken in patch 46).
  • Various rares have been added, but not yet spawning.
  • The Deceit Brazier will be added back in.
  • Llamas can now give you fur when skinned.
  • Black sandals now spawn less often.
  • Stable decay time is now 7.5 days.
  • You can no longer cast meteor swarm/chain lightning by clicking on the roof tile of a house. This does not affect casting into castles or keeps.
  • Fixed a bug with patio railings where using a restock agent on a bag allowed items to be lifted.
  • All untame, unstabled monsters and animals will now decay if left for 20 hours without interacting with anything. Targeting or attacking a creature will reset this timer.
  • Player serials are now permanently blocked from re-use, even when a character is deleted. This is anticipation of some upcoming database changes for MyRunUO.
  • Frenzied and forest ostards will now display their proper hue on player profiles.
  • Fixed some issues with tame/summoned notoriety.
  • A lot more of Britannia is now "mapped" for rune names.

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