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Patch 35 - 10/30/15 - Halloween


Halloween content is in!

  • Britain and Vesper have been decked out for Halloween. The summoner in Vesper has function, this is for players to figure out.
  • New creatures can be found on the bestiary relating to Halloween. Some creatures will exist that are not found here, but players will have to find out how to meet these.
  • Creatures can be found around various parts of the mainland and some dungeons. Creatures are on a long respawn timer so you will have to move around and look. Spawn may currently be a bit light, we will be working to add some more spawns throughout the event.
  • Carrying a shovel may be handy.
  • Special holiday themed treasure maps can be found.
  • If you find a "skull of summoning" - hording these items is pointless as they are not rare, they are just the same look as a player skull. They may have another function, however...
  • A halloween vendor is placed at the bank which you can spend your coins on.
  • There will be no "handout" rewards on Halloween, instead you'll have to play to get them.
  • Halloween content will run for about a week.


  • Fixed some line of sight issues with using a key ring when unlocking/relocking house doors.
  • Arrows in free use events, are now free use.
  • Pet follow speed has been slowed slightly.
  • Pets will never retain follow speed while in combat anymore.
  • The housing area around Despise pass has more relaxed rules.
  • You can no longer cast a blade spirit into a house you are not already standing in.
  • Fixed a bug with lightning sometimes not playing the animation. This still needs doing for chain lightning.
  • Fixed some issues with monster hit points, you may find some monsters are a bit easier to kill now.
  • Clothing and jewelry now drops less often, spell reflect and invis is now more uncommon.
  • Healers now sell various items.
  • The "Visit Dungeons" achievement should once again work correctly.
  • Neira can now be provoked.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the IRC bot to crash the shard.

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