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Patch 34 - 10/13/15 - Town Invasions, Archery, LOS

Not a big patch but some nice improvements in this one.

Town Invasions

  • Added new cities to the town invasion list, improved the boundaries of others which were almost unusable due to their size.
  • Added a new type of invasion spawn, "The Frost", with a new boss "Lord of the Frost". This invasion will drop the skull of enlightenment.
  • There are plans to expand further on both of the above.
  • Monsters in an invasion will now always spawn inside town boundaries.
  • Healers no longer disappear during an invasion.
  • The boss of the town invasion can now spawn when there are less than 10 mobs left, rather than having to kill every single last mob.
  • Changed the reward system for town invasions.
  • Rewards are now given out dependent on the total amount of damage given by the player at the town invasion. Damage is recorded from start to finish and the reward will be calculated at the end of the invasion.
  • Damages done from barding or controlled animals are only worth 10% of the total damage when compared with direct damage. This will be watched for balance and tweaked if need be (it probably will need to be tweaked).
  • A gump will pop up at the end of the invasion detailing all damage done, by what player.
  • Different tiers of plat reward are available for those that have done less damage overall, but if you participate from start to finish, you will probably receive the max reward.
  • The chance for any individual mob to give out a "2 plat reward" in town invasions has also been altered. It will be more consistent overall.


  • Archery no longer has an equip delay, other than the short prep delay which exists on all weapons.
  • Archery can not be cycled.
  • Archery now runs on a different shot timer than regular weapons.
  • Hopefully these changes can give archery a place in this era, where it otherwise has not had any place.

Line of Sight

  • LOS should see some vast improvements in general, in T2A and when mining.


  • A combatant is no longer required to advance your swing state.
  • Large forges can now be double clicked to give a heating effect.
  • Fixed a hilarious bug that could make guards whack themselves. Luckily noone found this, not that it would have mattered for much other than a chuckle.
  • Bulk order books will now be available on the platinum vendor for 10 plat. It is no longer available as a tailoring reward, I will update the tailor BOD reward list to reflect this when I find the time.
  • Bulk order deeds are no longer blessed.
  • Pets are much faster when in follow mode, as long as they do not have a valid combatant.
  • Boss monster chests no longer come in the hue 0 (which just looks like a plain metal chest).
  • Guards at the bank will refresh to full hit points and cure themselves.
  • When you log in onto a water tile (eg, you logged in to a ship that was no longer there), you will now be sent to the nearest docks. Murderers will always be sent to Bucs Den.
  • Spawners that are found in a "Champion Region" now pause themselves until the Champion Spawn is complete. This won't do anything until champs are actually implemented.
  • Updated the list of champion spawn locations.
  • Bards will receive fame and karma for their kills. This is not accurate to the era, however this essentially broke the "Forest Lord" invasion and made it ridiculously easy on a bard type character, since you would never lose karma for your kills. I don't wish to apply a "bandaid" on this and make it only possible to lose karma from barding, as it would only serve to confuse players, hence the change.
  • Fixed a problem with delayed damage stacking which caused spell damage to not work properly when spells were "synced".
  • Fixed a problem with cutting up clothes and armor that caused only half the desired amount to be given back to the player. Before anyone asks, this had no effect on the bandanas given out recently, since they would have returned 1 cloth anyway
  • You can no longer secure a container which has more than 400 stones already in it.
  • You cannot "bounce" an item into a secure container if the resulting weight of the container would be higher than 400 stones.
  • Increased the chance of various mobs dropping wands and staves.
  • Daemons and balrons are now more aggressive.

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