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Patch 28 - Peacemaking, Boss Monsters, Leaderboards

Website Updates

  • All monsters have been categorized and it is possible to see the leaders in each category.
  • You can also see who is the overall leader in total monster kills (all types)
  • You can see both of these on the new leaderboard: here

  • The items database now also includes active/inactive hues, and is linked from the main page: Item Database

  • Player profiles now include javascript to filter monster kill categories & achievement categories, making it much nicer to navigate huge lists.

  • We now have an online map you can use as a resource: http://uolostlands.com/map - I have opted for now not to include player housing, however with the next update I will include player vendors on that map, and give players the option to advertise their player vendors.

  • A huge update to the bestiary to include more monster types. Note that not ALL monsters currently in the bestiary spawn on UO Lost Lands. Bestiary

Mini Boss Monsters

  • Blood Elementals, Shame Level 3: Chance to spawn a Flesh Ripper.
  • Balrons, Hythloth Level 3 and Terathan Keep: Chance to spawn a Father of the Damned.
  • Harpy Nest, Covetous Level 1 & 2: Chance to spawn a Harpy Hen.
  • Elder Gazers, Covetous Level 2: Chance to spawn a Gorgon.
  • Ogres/Ogre Lord, Wrong Level 2: Chance to spawn an Ogre Magi.
  • Ancient Wyrm, Destard Level 3: Chance to spawn a Poison Dragon.
  • Lich Lords, Deciet Level 4: Chance to spawn a Black Lich.
  • Titans, Cyclops Valley: Chance to spawn a Colossus.
  • Nightmare spawns (all): Chance to spawn a Silver Steed.

  • A new achievement "Extinct" has been added for killing mini-bosses.

Mini boss monsters have a chance to drop 2 things:

  • A boss monster chest has a 20% chance to drop when a mini boss is killed. These have greatly improved loot quality from regular drops.
  • The chest is locked and requires lockpicking to open. The most difficult chests require GM lockpicking. The level of chest that the monster drops is equal to that of their treasure map level drop.
  • You can chop open the chest if you do not wish to keep it.
  • The chest always contains a treasure map, which is 1 level higher than it's counterpart's treasure map level. If it's counterpart drops a level 5 map, so does the boss monster.
  • The chest comes in several hues (pictured)

Mini Boss Chests

Boss Monster Statue

  • Any boss monster has a 2% chance to drop a statue (pictured below)


Evil Mage Tower Quest

  • Now spawns 3 times a day, once between 12am-8am EST, once between 8am-4pm EST and once between 4pm-12am EST. Only 1 tower can be spawned at a time.
  • There are 2 additional spawn locations for the mage tower.

Peacemaking, Provocation & Musicianship

Peacemaking has had an overhaul to make it a less useless skill and increase template options in PvM:

  • You can now use target based peacemaking similar to UOR. If your skill check is successful on target based peace, the monster will give the emote "looks calm" and stop moving/attacking.
  • In line with T2A bard skills, peacemaking is not difficulty based, however the length of time the monster will be peaced for is based on your peace skill.
  • How long a monster is "peaced" for depends on your musicianship skill, and the strength of the monster.
  • At GM peacemaking, this usually means you can peace a monster for a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Mini-boss monsters can be peaced for a maximum of 10 seconds at a time.
  • Town invasion boss monsters can not be peaced at all.
  • A peaced monster has a chance to break out of peace, based on it's maximum hit points vs it's current hit points. The lower the health of the monster, the more likely it is to try fight back.
  • If a peaced monster is struck by any kind of NPC (monster, animal, tamed creature), it will always fight back.
  • The delay on using peacemaking is 10 seconds for success, 5 seconds for failure.


  • It is now possible to "fast provoke". For example, if you hold your provocation target without using it for 10 seconds, then use that target to provoke a creature, you will be able to immediately use provocation again since your 10 seconds are up.
  • Failed provocation only requires 5 seconds to fast provoke.


  • You no longer need to select instruments in your pack on server restart. If you have an instrument in your pack, it will be automatically selected for use.
  • You can no longer passively gain musicianship when using provocation, peacemaking or enticement.


  • Ogre lords now drop 500-750 gold, a substantial increase.
  • Hell hounds have been given spawning skills.
  • You can no longer passively gain tinkering by crafting crates.
  • Platinum from town invasions will now automatically stack in your pack when added, instead of creating new piles.
  • Treasure maps from dungeon chests are now properly assigned the Felucca facet. All maps from before this patch are fixed to the felucca facet. (thanks Soma)
  • Fixed the display of "coins next month" in the platinum reward gump. It was always displaying 10.
  • Tamed Fire breathers will no longer be aggressive toward wisps.
  • Removed a debug message that caused players to say "derp".
  • Summoned creature can no longer drop platinum and do not count toward achievements.
  • Daemons, balrons and mini-boss monsters are now much more aggressive. Even if they are already fighting something or are provoked, they will still attack you if you get too close.

Discuss this patch on our forums: http://www.uolostlands.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=355

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