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Patch 27 - Achievements, MoTD update, Various


It's with excitement that with this patch we add the beginning of the achievement system. It is the beginning, because web support still need to be added for these achievements, and the list (total 37 achievements) will be expanded upon in the near future.

  • Each achievement has multiple levels and rewards/achievement points per level.
  • Currently the categories are: Skills, PvM, Exploration, Events.
  • Players can view their overall rank for all achievements, or their rank for any individual achievement.
  • Data will be loaded for PvM and skill achievements, so you will get credit for what you have already done. This does not include taming achievements.
  • Achievements for treasure hunting have been included. One such achievement is to complete all 200 treasure map spots. Because of this, treasure maps will now display their location # (eg: "You notice the number 175 scribbled on it").
  • Achievements are account based. Accounts can not be linked due to the possibility of linking accounts that do not actually belong to the same player.
  • Hidden achievements are also supported, however we only currently have one. More to be added.
  • Daily and monthly achievements will be added in the near future.

Achievement Account Stats

Account Stats

Achievement Skills Page

Achievement Skills Page

Individual Achievement Page

Achievement Page

Individual Achievement Leaderboard

Achievement Page

Overall Achievements Leaderboard

Achievement Page

New Shard Portal Gump - Integrated with MOTD

  • The MOTD has now been updated to be a portal page. From this page you will be able to read the latest news, register your email address for account security, find useful links to website pages, view your monthly platinum, set MyUOLL privacy options and achievement configuration, as well as toggle your crafting options (for T2A/UOR style menus).

View the cleaner, nicer MOTD


Set your MyUOLL privacy options


Useful Hotlinks





  • Bagball is fixed. It's really, really fixed this time.
  • You can now quit and rejoin Survival without receiving an error that your IP is already signed up.
  • You can now macro cartography to Grandmaster without using treasure maps.
  • 9 missing treasure map locations have been added (only 191 spots existed before).
  • T2A styled cartography is no longer target based.
  • Fixed an issue with inscribe claiming you had no spells to inscribe when you actually did.
  • Email registration is now active. It is recommended you use this system to register your email address. This will allow you to change your password in the case that your IP address does not match the original IP you created the account with, as well as help recover your account in the case of lost passwords or hacking.
  • A [vote command has been added, and every 4th save will give a handy reminder asking if you've voted today.
  • You can now set things like making your character public/private on MyUOLL, as well as hide individual things like account age.
  • When a house falls, addons are now deleted instead of turned back into deeds.
  • Town invasion monsters now give platinum instead of trophies.
  • Fixed some internal issues with duplicated items being leaked to the internal map.
  • Added an easter egg with blade spirits.

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