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Small Changes, New IRC host

New IRC host

UO Lost Lands now has it's own IRC host. If you use KiwiIRC (our web client), then you don't need to do anything, just close and re-open your Web IRC client from the website main page.

If you use mIRC or any other web client, you'll need to update your details to: irc.uolostlands.com; 6667

Misc Game Changes

  • "Login bumping" has been removed for the time being.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use items on player vendors.
  • You can no longer place a house in Moonglow Graveyard
  • Housing at Despise Entrance has had its rules slightly relaxed.
  • Any player can now read a locked down book. You can no longer edit a locked down book.
  • Orc bombers no longer drop bola balls.

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