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NPC Speech and Misc Fixes

Regions & NPC Speech

All buildings in Britannia should now have a proper region associated with them. By itself, this doesn't mean much except that rune names will now automatically mark with the building name (eg: "The Sweet Dreams Inn"). However this opens up the door to do some cool things with NPC speech and the possibility of dynamic NPC quests, as well as better ways to spawn escorts and town invasions.

NPCs will now direct you to most places in the world.

You can ask an NPC:

Where cities are. NPCs will direct you to the city by a direction and distance, such as "Britain is very far to the east of here". Examples:

Where is Britain? Where is Minoc?

Where dungeons are. If the dungeon is very far away, the NPC will tell you what town it is closest to, and which direction to run from there, such as "Covetous is some distance to the northeast of Cove". Examples:

Where is Ice Dungeon? Where is Covetous?

Where building types are. NPCs will first look for buildings in the closest town, and if it can't find any buildings of that type, direct you to the nearest town that does have one. Such as "If it's an Inn you're looking for, you can try the Sweet Dreams Inn to the west of here. It's a long distance to the west." Examples:

Where is the bank? Where is the stable? Where is the inn?

To converse with an NPC, you must first get its attention using the NPC's name. "Brian where is the healer?" would work, as would first saying "Brian Hello", followed by "Where is the healer?".

NPCs will only direct you to places that are in the same land as you, for example an NPC in the Lost Lands will not be able to tell you where Britain is.

More will be done with NPC speech in the future. For now, I hope the direction system will be helpful to some of our newer players!


  • All Inns and taverns should properly log you out.
  • Fixed an issue where friending a pet could cause a client crash.
  • Misc fixes with Bagball. It should not be possible to get "stuck" while playing anymore.
  • Fixed an exploit to gain animal taming.
  • Sheep wool now respawns in 1 hour, down from 3.
  • Fixed a crash issue with beneficial actions to non-participants in tournaments.
  • Invisibility and nightsight items will no longer spam their animations. Jewelry will undergo another overhaul sometime in the future and some timers will be extended.
  • If for any reason you don't get your mount back from an event, you can now get it back from a stablemaster by saying "vendor mount". You must not be riding a mount at the time you request it.

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