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4th July is here!!


  • 4th July - A small section of t2a is now subject to a battle to celebrate the 4th July, this will be active from the 4th. A holiday vendor will be thrown up a few days after.


  • Gold currency bank checks now exist for those wishing to use them.
  • Restrictions on putting up and keeping up Christmas trees have been lifted. These can be placed any time of the year now.
  • Dungeon Torch Bearers now included in the DOTD.
  • Acid Elementals now included in the Despise DOTD.
  • Spellbooks now display numbers of spells inside by single clicking.
  • The Bloodthirsty Ogre Magi mobile now gives out the correct statue if dropped.
  • Various containers now allow for proper container lockdowns and weight limits - Eg, Bushel
  • The Town Crier now advertises the DOTD.
  • Fix for DOTD on boot was not loading new method for scoring of kills. This should now be working as expected.
  • The Forest Lord TI was removed from the random TI schedule.


  • A new TI has been patched in. This may or may not involve the use of TheCowLevel keys. More details will follow in discord.

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