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Easter Event 2015!

A few goodies have been packed in for players to partake in over the Easter Holiday.

  • Players will be able to collect holiday coins and purchase special rewards.
  • Players can collect easter eggs and either keep them, or turn them in. The top 3 players who turn in the most amount of eggs at the end of easter will receive trophies, worth 40, 20 and 10 platinum respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • To encourage participation for more casual players, every egg you turn in will put you into the draw to win a special hued easter bunny statue (unique!)
  • Leaderboards will not be included in the event this time around.

There are a few ways to find easter eggs and holiday coins. Note that all mobs are on a long respawn timer, so you are encouraged to move around the world. To be clear, these mobs do not drop their special colored armor/bear masks/clothes.

Find Easter Bunny Trackers and kill them

Easter bunny trackers are roaming the world looking to kill easter bunnies. Find them first and kill them, you may net yourself some of their easter spoils, and some holiday coins.

Easter 2015

Find easter camps and liberate the poor, captured easter bunnies!

Camps will be found around the world, where bunnies have been captured by the bunny wranglers. Kill the bunny wranglers, free the easter bunnies, and take home the spoils! The chest isnotlockpickable, however the key is on one of the wranglers. With sufficient stealth and stealing skills you would be able to loot the chest and get out without being in combat.

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Track down easter bunnies

Eggs can also be obtained from easter bunnies hiding eggs around the world. Bunnies also carry holiday coins, but killing a bunny will net you a massive loss of karma. The bunnies will drop eggs before vanishing to their next egg drop spot, so the choice is yours whether to leave these cute little creatures be. An easter bunny that has been damaged, or is in combat, will not drop eggs!

Easter 2015

Easter Treasure Hunts

You may find the odd treasure map on an easter mob. These treasure maps are in new spots, and do not require cartography or a high lockpicking skill (they can be magic unlocked). Hunt down the treasure!

Easter 2015

Easter Vendor

To purchase rewards, or turn in your eggs, visit the easter vendors who will be found in Britain and Delucia. Say "vendor buy" to bring up the purchase gump. To turn in eggs, click the turn in button.

When purchasing items, holiday coins must be in your bank. When turning in eggs, they must be in your pack (they can be in sub packs).

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

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