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(April Fools) Development: Player Friendly Changes - 04/01/16

In an effort to be more player friendly and appeal to a more broad audience, including "non PvP" players, UO Lost Lands will be undergoing some major changes.

In the ~18 months UO Lost Lands has existed there have been many complaints about grief during town invasions, which are something that all players should be able to enjoy regardless of their PvP or PvM preference. Now obviously UOLL is not going to implement a "PvP switch" which would stop players from being able to attack or steal from each other in the Felucca environment. That is something that is integral to the game. Instead we have come up with another solution.

With careful consideration, we have come up with some changes that can be made to satisfy all players, and not only extending to town invasions. We hope everyone can enjoy UO Lost Lands:

  • We will create a "non PvP" friendly area, where players can enjoy all the activities that they would otherwise enjoy in a PvP setting. Players will be able to fight in these areas if they wish via guild wars, but they will be free from unwanted attacks and thievery. PvP players should be unaffected by this, as they can just continue to play in the PvP environment.

  • In this area, uncontrolled summons and field spells will no longer target players.

  • Housing in this area will be secure, to avoid situations where a player may lose all of their equipment by doing something which should be inconsequential, such as forgetting to lock their door, or dying with their house key and rune on their person while having no home security.

  • Player corpses in this area will not be lootable by others.

  • If players find themselves being "griefed" by other players in this area, Game Masters will come to intervene and ban the unsociable parties.

  • Keep an eye out on monster corpses for some special items which will be used as a gateway to these lands.

A sneak preview of the new area:

Sneak Preview

Happy April fools everyone.

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