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Guild Info

Abbreviation NEW
Guild Type Standard
Total Members 148
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader

God of Vanguard

Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
dragons breath Recruit
The Great Generic Player Recruit
The Glorious Lady Contessa, Grandmaster Ranger Recruit
Saphire Recruit
The Illustrious Krieger, Grandmaster Healer I assist Ladies
The Distinguished Himmelssturmer, Grandmaster Scholar Overlord Assistant
Trout Recruit
The Scoundrel Hidori Recruit
The Illustrious Slid, Grandmaster Warrior Assisstant
The Notable Kaladin Ladies' Assistant
Kyrie Recruit
The Illustrious Varak, Grandmaster Rogue Mentor
The Admirable Trickster Wicked Mentor
The Illustrious Breathless, Grandmaster Archer Mentor
God of Greed Elder
The Good God of Death Elder
The Fair God of Darkness Elder
The Glorious KJ, Grandmaster Healer Elder
Kaycee BOD Elder
The Illustrious Sticky fingers, Grandmaster Rogue Sticky Bard
The Notable Tommy Hilfiger Fashionable Elder
The Dark Lord Studly, Grandmaster Bard The Blue Elder
The Glorious Lord Tom, Grandmaster Ranger Elder
The Illustrious God of Provo, Grandmaster Mage Elder
The Kind Shinigami Elder Soul Reaper
God of Sea Elder
God of Lumber Elder Jacker
The Honest Ashley van Doren Elder
Jester van Doren Van BOD Squad
The Rude Orlog Self Booming Elder
Doo Chebag Not a nice Elder :/
God of Ore Elder
God of Vanguard Guilding Guildmaster
The Fair Taco Fluffy Guardian
The Glorious Lord Garrett, Grandmaster Bard Recruit
The Prominent Harmony Master of Tricot
The Famed Phoenix Recruit
The Illustrious Thea Beaver, Grandmaster Bard Elder
The Honest Barbie Dahl Guardian
The Prominent Cookie Baker Elder
The Prominent Made in China Elder Merchant
The Glorious Kitty Litter, Grandmaster Ranger Companion
The Good Betty Diddit Guardian
Dolores Abernath Guardian
The Illustrious Lord Ornithology, Grandmaster Mage Companion
The Famed Lois Bidd Elder Troubadour
The Glorious Pringles, Grandmaster Mage Companion
Dream Maker Crafter Of Dreams
The Glorious Lord Jay Z, Grandmaster Scholar Mentor of Songs
Allard Elder Pet-Sitter
Ollon Mentor Stinky Finger
Puffy Do me a favor, I ass
The Renowned Black, Grandmaster Scholar Elder
John Blacksilver Chop Chop Mentor
The Notable Daniel Gobban Assistant
The Notorious Sir Lancelot Brave Assistant
The Glorious Lord Baelor, Grandmaster Scholar Assistant
The Glorious Mista Disco, Grandmaster Bard Lead Singing Mentor
The Admirable Kilgore Trout Trawling Mentor
Sixx Assistant
The Admirable Dwayne Hoover Angling Mentor
Gold Mentor
The Honorable Orly Recruit
MacroAbuser Recruit
The Fair Hiccup Recruit
Injury Recruit
The Respectable Steven D'Alton Recruit
Ranthalion Recruit
Saint-Patrick Recruit
Mistic Mountain Stuff Making Elder
Errant Ghost Greedy Mentor
The Ignoble Skywalker Recruit
The Noble Storm Silverhand, Grandmaster Bard Assistant Harper
Sebastian Recruit
Radagast Recruit
The Admirable Carolina Recruit
Painau Recruit
The Glorious Lady Daenerys, Grandmaster Ranger Dragon Assistant
The Illustrious Landryn Teriak, Grandmaster Healer The Shadow Guardian
The Prominent Chalyndria Mentor
Rasputin Singing Mentor
The Honorable Gabriel Recruit
The Admirable Alerik Recruit
The Great Gilgamesh Mentor of Songs
The Admirable Thalantyr Recruit
The Kind Rala Recruit
The Famed RichardThePirate Recruit
Cephiros Recruit
Nami Recruit
The Glorious Lady BrainLessGirl, Grandmaster Mage Recruit
The Admirable Sully Recruit
Dragonuv Recruit
Darkzeus Recruit
Canis Ferox Recruit
Blacky Recruit
The Admirable Ramsey Bolton War Assistant
The Illustrious Sansa Bolton, Grandmaster Healer Troubadour Assistant
The Glorious Lord Nedneam, Grandmaster Scholar Recruit
The Respectable Khal Drago DragonLord Assistant
The Glorious Junin, Grandmaster Mage Recruit
Moosiro Recruit
hahaha Recruit
VanDweller Recruit
The Honorable Baltartius Recruit
The Scoundrel Rex Draken Recruit
Voievod Recruit
The Fair Howland Recruit
Lochlyn Recruit
The Fair Brienne of Tarth Guardian of Oaths
The Admirable Baltartius Shadow Guardian
The Glorious Lord Dorrian, Grandmaster Bard Recruit
God-King Skovald Recruit
The Noble Fin, Grandmaster Bard Recruit
The Fair Naro Recruit
The Good Carth Recruit
The Glorious Lord Domador, Grandmaster Rogue Assistant of Souls
The Famed Gwydion Roe Recruit
oROEchimaru Gwyd Recruit
Chase Recruit
Chani Recruit
Wonde Woman Recruit
The Kind Bluegill Recruit
The Glorious Lord Crappie, Grandmaster Rogue Recruit
Dalin Recruit
The Admirable Morteiro Guardian
The Famed FireDOg Flaming Assistant
The Glorious Lord Lazarus, Grandmaster Warrior Recruit
Jones Recruit
The Glorious Tinr, Grandmaster Scholar Recruit
The Honorable Karkun Recruit
The Eminent Sultan Sultana, Grandmaster Healer Recruit
The Eminent Miley, Grandmaster Healer Recruit
The Glorious Lord JeFF, Grandmaster Ranger Recruit
The Distinguished Britney, Grandmaster Healer Recruit
The Honorable Horace Recruit
The Respectable Estranja Recruit
The Glorious Lord Skylander, Grandmaster Tamer Mentor Thee
GraveStone Revenant Guardian
The Kind Grim Recruit
The Fair Hollowtip Recruit
Aurin Recruit
BananaKill Recruit
The Respectable Serious Recruit
Gary Clarke Jr Recruit
Scott Recruit
Alexandria Recruit
Jinocide Recruit

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