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Guild Info

Abbreviation WG^
Guild Type Standard
Total Members 55
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader

Night Train

Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
Oliver Klozoff
Dixon Butts
muddy buddies
Mother Plucker
Dixon Cider
muddy buddies
Mother Plucker
The Glorious Lord Dreamchaser, Grandmaster Healer Don't TrY Me
The Murderer TmapMe Special Agent
The Dishonorable eggbert Speedy
The Glorious Lord Duncan McOkiner, Grandmaster Mage
Dixon Kuntz
muddy buddies
Mother Plucker
The Admirable Southern Blend Dark Knight
The Despicable Moon
The Eminent Hocus Pocus, Grandmaster Scholar ABRA CADABRA
Myth the Legend
The Rude Gianna Guardian of Yew
The Admirable Moonster
The Rude XvekeZ
The Scoundrel The Hood
The Honest Lipstick
The Honorable Psychonaut
Dark Gemma
The Glorious Lord Wolfoo, Grandmaster Healer
The Honorable Anytha
The Respectable Dehlia
FireBall Liquid Courage
The Good A Nightmare
The Rude Wise Guy's Godfather
The Rude RainMaker Make it Rain
The Kind DraX Pain Giver
The Glorious Lord ExTorTioN, Grandmaster Ranger Shake Down
The Unsavory WWicked EviL CheMisT
The Illustrious Night Train, Grandmaster Bard All Aboard!
The Notable Hawk Eye
Slane King Heat
The Kind pLaY aS gHoST Stay Down
The Glorious Lady CoMet, Grandmaster Scholar
The Distinguished Sebastian, Grandmaster Scholar Jamaican Me Crabby
The Prominent muddy buddies Yes
Shake Down
The Respectable informant
Mother Plucker
The Proper muddy buddies
The Illustrious Lord Rusty Trombone, Grandmaster Bard
The Despicable muddy buddies
The Glorious Lady Vividios, Grandmaster Mage I tAmE

Guild Grandmasters

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