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The Left Hand

Guild Info

Abbreviation TLH
Guild Type Standard
Total Members 47
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader


Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
The Distinguished Beorn, Grandmaster Archer Hang on Sloopy...
The Respectable Bacchus Left Handed Hally
The Notable The Left Hand
The Scoundrel RumpelSmoothskin
The Famed Big Tooth Tom Skallywag
The Famed Nazgul Llama Herder
The Fair Ruby Tuesday Goodbye...
The Glorious Lord Gorgeous George, Grandmaster Tamer ...Sloopy Hang On!
The Kind Finn McCool
The Respectable Heebie Madness Speak Softly...
Boudica Femme Fatale
The Noble Hambone Jones, Grandmaster Rogue
The Unsavory Sinestra Sinister
The Evil Soulfly, Grandmaster Cartographer
The Unsavory Kuruku
The Kind Shelby
The Glorious Dark Prophett, Grandmaster Tamer
The Kind Ghetto
The Honorable Moe Murda Bad Lieutenant
Albert Hofmann
The Evil Lady Scarlett, Grandmaster Tamer
The Eminent Lady Sadie, Grandmaster Mage
The Admirable Ghost
The Scoundrel Botgrinder
The Honest Drunken Devil Diab Soule
The Admirable WaxXx
The Honorable El Guero Loco Mofo
The Prominent MacGyver
The Evil Lord Sancho, Grandmaster Bard I Be Tha Pappy
The Glorious Lady Tolli, Grandmaster Tamer Pig Master
The Glorious Lady Zefie, Grandmaster Bard
The Glorious Lord Ix, Grandmaster Scholar
The Glorious Lady Vin, Grandmaster Lumberjack
The Kind Aista
The Fair Augustus McCrae
The Famed Malakh
The Kind Rowena
The Fair Nico
The Admirable Iron Sheik
The Glorious Lord Alfred Hayes, Grandmaster Scholar LeftGuardSportStick
Bam Bam Bigelow
Mrs Brisby
The Illustrious Luna Vachon, Grandmaster Healer

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