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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the skill/stat cap on UO Lost Lands?

The skill cap is 700.0 and stat cap 225. There is no way to increase these.

What emulator does UO Lost Lands use?

UO Lost Lands was developed using RunUO 2.5.

Is there pre-casting on UO Lost Lands?

Yes, there is precasting on UO Lost Lands. You can cast a spell, hold the target and perform actions while the target is up.

Is this shard strictly accurate to T2A?

No, the shard is not strict on era accuracy. However the foundations for the shard's mechanics are all deeply rooted in era accuracy, 95% of the basic mechanics match those of T2A. Bugs are taken out, some of the more useless skills improved upon, and additional content is added to the game for longevity.

I can't remember my account name/password. What do I do?

Contact Jack in IRC or private message on the forum. He will ask you a series of questions to determine which accounts are yours and return them to you.

Multiple people play from my house, can we have extra accounts?

Contact Jack in IRC or private message on the forum.

How long has UO Lost Lands existed?

UO Lost Lands was launched in October 2014. The idea to create the shard and development began in August 2014.

My weapon skill seems to be stuck around ~69. How can I fix it?

This question gets asked a lot. Your weapon skill is most likely "stuck" because you are trying to beat on a character which has ~0 weapon skill. Since you will hit them every time at this skill level, you need to find a better target. Beating on a new character with 50 weapon skill is enough to take you to Grandmaster.

Do items decay in houses or on boats?

Items do not decay in houses or on boats.

Is there stat loss on UO Lost Lands?

Yes, when resurrecting with more than 5 short term murder counts, you'll receive 9-20% skill and stat loss.

I accidentally chose the T2A/UOR craft menu, how do I change it?

Type the command "[motd" in game, click the tab on the right hand side, second from the bottom. Check or uncheck "Use T2A Styled Crafting".

If I donate can I have...?

There is nothing you can buy from the shard. UO Lost Lands is completely free to play, and nothing is for sale.

Can I use another client on UOLL?

You are welcome to use the client of your choice, but only is supported. If you use another client, you must be aware of the differences that can be caused by this and ready to accept the consequences. This includes but is not limited to becoming "stuck" on the map.

Blade spirits and energy vortexes won't attack anything but me!

Blade spirits and energy vortexes will only attack creatures that are on a tile adjacent to them, but will attack a player from further than that. This is the trade off of having such a powerful summon.

I have a good excuse why I could not refresh my house before it decayed. Can I be reimbursed?

No. If you need your house refreshing due to circumstances that cause you to be unable to otherwise connect, contact Jack. A house, or your stuff, will not be replaced after the house has fallen.

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