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"Magic is hard, and successful Mages are as rare as dragon teeth."

- Xedric, Master Mage


Magery skill allows your character to cast spells out of your spellbook. Casting spells from your spellbook uses mana and reagents, while casting a spell from a scroll in your backpack uses only mana. There are eight circles of eight spells, each circle taking more skill, mana and time to cast than the previous circle. Certain spells can be less or more effective, depending on the Magery and Evaluating Intelligence skills.

Minimum Requirements for Casting Spells

Spell Circle Intelligence Minimum Skill GM Success Rate
First 4 0.1 100
Second 6 0.1 100
Third 9 10.1 100
Fourth 11 24.1 100
Fifth 14 38.1 100
Sixth 20 52.1 100
Seventh 40 66.1 85
Eighth 50 80.1 50



Reagents are required to cast spells from your spellbook. There are multiple ways to acquire reagents

  • NPC Vendors - Alchemy and Mage shops sell reagents and is the easiest method of collecting
  • Loot - Some magic casting monsters may drop a few reagents. Reagents can also be looted from locked chests
  • Wilderness - Reagents can spawn in quantities of 1 on the ground in the wilderness. While harvesting reagents this way is not recommended, it can be beneficial to setting a Scavenger agent for these for the ease of collecting reagents from the ground


Spells inflict 1 point of damage when in town and under guard zone limits, so do not assume you will not die. Adjust your macro accordingly if necessary.

Magic Resist skill will not increase while training Magery if the caster is in guard zone limits, so it is common to train Magery outside of guard zone typically in private homes. Be sure to keep a healer with you, or to accommodate a way to keeping yourself healed when training Magery and Magic Resist on yourself.

Joining the Magery guild allows you to purchase Blood Pearl and Blood Moss at a discounted rate of 5gp instead of 6gp. To join the Magery guild, you must find a Magery guildmaster located at any Magery shop, then say "Name Join Guild" (replace Name for the NPC Name. Example, "Bancroft Join Guild"). They will ask for a fee of 500 gold to drop on them. You can only be in one skilled Guild at a time.

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