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Used to create exceptional quality weapons and armor.

Blacksmithy/Mining: Having around 75 smithy will allow you to make all items at a non exceptional level. Colored ingots give the crafted item the hue of the ore, and no added AR bonus. Ingots are gathered by mining or purchasingthem from the vendor for 5gp a pop. A precise measurement of ingots from 30 smithy to gm is 60k and from 50-100 45k.

Character Template: For stats I would start out with high strength and high dex as you are going to be walking around and carrying stuff alot. Two starting skills at 50 would be Blacksmithy and Tinkering(best starting zone is minoc). I start blacksmithy at 50 because who really enjoys mining that extra 15k ingots or even buying them from vendors? Tinkering because you want to be able to make those shovels and utensils on the fly.

Mining was nerfed so it will be a little harder then when I leveled it, but it's still an easy skill to gain as you will be doing a lot of it if you decide to go on the free resource route. Unless you are into colored ore, or you don't want to GM smithy as fast as possible (lock mining at 64.9) otherwise, point that arrow up and keep going ham!

A complete crafting character template for a perfectionist would look something like this: Stats 100 Strength/85 Dexterity/40 Intelligence(enough for gate travel) Blacksmithy Tinkering Carpentry Mining Lumberjacking Meditation Magery This is much more of a futuristic character template because of these skills coinciding with each other as far as keg making and house add-ons are concerned. If you make it to 75 tinkering during your mass mining of beautiful ingots lock it up, so later on when you decide to tackle carpentry you can make the first set of two lockboxes that lockpickers can macro off of.

Crafting Guide:

  • 50 - 65: Cutlass 8 ingots
  • 65 - 75: Kryss 8 ingots
  • 75 - 85: Short Spear 6 ingots
  • 85 - 95: Plate Gorgets 10 ingots
  • 95 - GM: Plate Gloves


  • 0-35 Buy from an NPC Smith Costs about 500 gp
  • 35-43 Cutlass 8 ingots
  • 43-47 Scimitar 10 ingots
  • 47-52 Kryss 8 ingots
  • 52-55 Longsword 12 ingots
  • 55-60 Broadsword 10 ingots
  • 60-68 Short Spear 6 ingots
  • 68-100 Plate Gorget 10 ingots