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Skill gain: Macro time to GM: 18-24 hours

Anatomy is used actively to estimate the Strength and Dexterity of the target. It also gives passive bonuses in conjunction with healing and weapon skills

The target may be any living creature. Dead and non-living material does not have an anatomy. The player will not receive a direct answer, such as "That has a strength of 100 and a dexterity of 54" but rather would see something like "That is superhumanly strong and somewhat agile". At high levels of anatomy (above 80 in skill) you will also receive the message "This is being at x percent endurance" - where x is the current stamina level (in a percentage) of the mobile targeted.

Both messages are only estimates until the skill is GMed, at which point you will receive the correct answer every time. For example, if you use anatomy and target a character with 75 str, 75 dex and 38 stamina (51% of total), you should expect to receive the message "He looks extraordinarily strong and extraordinarily agile. This is being at fify percent endurance". But below GM, your character can make mistakes, and you might receive the message "He looks somewhat strong and extremely agile. This is being at seventy percent endurance".

Anatomy Skill Response to DEX/STR Conversion

Skill Response (DEX) Stats Skill Response (STR)

"like they barely manage to stay standing." "like they would have trouble lifting small objects." Skill: 0-9

"Very clumsy." "Rather Feeble." Skill: 10-19

"Somewhat uncoordinated." "Somewhat weak." Skill: 20-29

"Moderately dextrous." "To be of normal strength." Skill: 30-39

"Somewhat agile." "Somewhat strong." Skill: 40-49

"Very agile." "Very strong." Skill: 50-59

"Extremely agile." "Extremely strong." Skill: 60-69

"Extraordinarily agile." "Extraordinarily strong." Skill: 70-79

"Moves like quicksilver." "Strong as an ox." Skill: 80-89

"One of the fastest people you have ever seen." "One of the strongest people you have ever seen." Skill: 90-99

"Superhumanly agile." "Superhumanly strong." Skill: 100+

Anatomy Bonuses to Damage Dealt

Every 10 points of Anatomy yields a +2% Damage bonus to your attack (see the break down below)

10 ---------- +2%
20 ---------- +4%
30 ---------- +6%
40 ---------- +8%
50 ---------- +10%
60 ---------- +12%
70 ---------- +14%
80 ---------- +16%
90 ---------- +18%
100 --------- +20%

Other Benefits

60.0 Anatomy + Healing allows you to cure poison with your bandages.
80.0 Anatomy + Healing allows you to resurrect the dead with your bandages.

Macroing Anatomy Download and install Razor.

Record a macro that looks like the following:

Use Skill: Anatomy
Wait For Target
Last Target (an NPC)
Pause 10000

Next ALT + Click on the NPC to Auto-follow them, or alternatively find a stationary NPC such as an escort. This will Grandmaster your skill. It will take roughly 24 hours of uninterrupted macroing to GM this skill.

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