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Certain NPCs act as quest NPCs, which will ask you to take them to another town, or dungeon. These NPCs are always stationary and waiting for a player to approach them. If you say "What is thy destination?", or simply "destination", the NPC will respond with where they wish to go. To accept the escort, type "I will take thee".

Upon arrival at their destination, the NPC will reward you with some gold and possible fame.

Some escorts may carry rare sandals on them. If you are inclined to evil, you may wish to murder the NPC on the way to their destination, and take their valuable clothing. This will result in a loss of karma

Differences in T2A

In T2A, there is no cooldown period on escorts, and you may escort as many NPCs at a time as you wish. Having too many escorts may be frustrating however, as they will surround you and block your movement in an attempt to follow.

There are no compassion gains in T2A as the system is not active.