Animal taming

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Animal taming can be used to tame wild animals (and some monsters!), anywhere from a rabbit all the way up to dragons and white wyrms. The higher your animal taming, the higher the chance of successful tame and higher the chance of pets listening.

In the T2A era, pets did not lose their stats/skills upon tame, no matter the circumstances. As such, there is no such thing as pet stat loss on UO Lost Lands. This makes paralyze taming an effective method of taming.

There are oddities of animal taming during the T2A era that we replicate. Namely:

- “All” commands do not work with a target. When using phrases such as “all kill”, only the nearest pet will respond.

- You can have as many followers as you wish.

- There is no way to check your pet’s exact skills and stats. They do however, gain.

- There is no bonding.

- An animal that has previously been tamed by another player, has 100% chance of being tamed by anyone. This means a couple of things. The first is that retames are not an effective way of achieving Grandmaster in the skill (in fact, this is impossible to do via retames). The second, is that it is possible to sell pets to anyone, even if they are not a tamer or cannot control the pet. Certain pets may have uses even when they cannot be controlled…

- There is no transfer gump on pet transfers

- Stablemasters have limited spots server wide, they do not have limited spots per player.

How to gain: To raise the skill, simply use it on an animal that you have between 1-99% chance of taming. If you are able to tame an animal with 100% effectiveness, you have no chance of gaining the skill.