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Idea for bounty system vs old osi rules
I havnt reviewed how our system differs just some ideas I had to reduce pks killing eachother for bounty.

A. Have bounty system linked by ip/3 accounts rules
b. Anyone in a clan related to those ips are also refrained from the bounty
C. Anyone in those ips that killed the bounty pk ip in question cannot gain a bounty from that related ip for 8 or 24 hours
D. Frequency check...bounty hunter has to kill at least 1 pk from anotuer unrelated ip or wait 1 week before reset

Example... Player A is a pk and kills player B that then puts a bounty out.

Player c is in in a clan with player a, but on a different account. None of their accounts will receive a bounty.

Its a bit complex but the goal is anyone 7 degrees of kevin bacon pk is unable to cheat the system to get the bounty.
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