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Avengers of Justice

Guild Info

Abbreviation AoJ
Guild Type Standard
Total Members 173
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader


Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
The Infamous Liaj, Grandmaster Ranger
The Admirable Myrcella
The Illustrious Willow James, Grandmaster Ranger Queen of
The Rude Bubbles
The Illustrious Hells Bells, Grandmaster Tamer
The Fair Orphea Working Horse
The Glorious Bubbles, Grandmaster Mage
The Glorious Bardoramix, Grandmaster Bard Can't sing for S***
The Murderer Jack the Ripper Just a Cereal Eater
The Unsavory Johny
The Notable Dreadpsycho The dazzling Banana
The Glorious Lord Weaksauce, Grandmaster Tamer
The Unsavory Kilyne
The Commendable Waffles
The Rude Peek-A-Boo I see you
The Fair Black Widow
The Admirable Lotus Crafting Fool
The Admirable Medusa Perfection of
The Murderer Buddha Gautama
Chevrolet Like a Rock
The Murderer Joe Biden Vote for me!
MANKIND Cactus Jack
The Glorious Lady Marijuana, Grandmaster Scholar Gotta get lit
The Murderer Poseidon
The Glorious Lord Ghost of Wanker, Grandmaster Wrestler
The Glorious Lord Uther, Grandmaster Scholar
The Kind Thomas
The Kind Lothair
The Murderer Jasper Friendly Ghost
The Unsavory Taters Ashen One
Wet Betty
The Upstanding John Wick
The Great Jedi
The Murderer Sage Humboldt
Skrulla McDunkit
The Glorious Lord Maestro, Grandmaster Scholar
The Kind Piranha
The Kind Rishi Mushroom Picker
The Murderer Ecaj, Grandmaster Scholar 420noscope69
The Murderer Frostcicle get learnt
The Glorious Lord paypee, Grandmaster Scholar
The Illustrious Grofus, Grandmaster Warrior Founding Father Yes
The Unsavory Grophus King of
The Illustrious Lord Speghat, Grandmaster Bard Troubador Yes
The Proper Moriena Saint of Killers
The Unsavory Speghatios Uhh Ohh
The Rude Andromeda Unrestrained
The Unsavory Cheetara Eye of Thundera
The Proper Ted Nugent Destroyer of Poons
The Unsavory William Wallace Pickin' a Fight
The Honorable Bobby Digital
The Notorious Lemon Zest Southern Wonder
The Murderer Dr Double D's Southern Wonder
The Illustrious of the night, Grandmaster Tamer
The Unsavory Sunny Cowgirl
The Murderer Dr Pepper
The Renowned papee, Grandmaster Healer lil'
The Prominent ive mcFalleN
The Murderer Monkey D Luffy Gomu Gomu no Mi
The Honorable leafy
The Good Donald Duck
The Scoundrel Crackle Rice Krispee
The Murderer One Council
The Noble Presents, Grandmaster Fisherman
The Commendable Sir Lucas III The Cool Cat
Skellepine Son of Grofus
The Unsavory Snap Rice Krispee
boogerboi pick'm n stick'm
The Glorious Lord Elkcor, Grandmaster Tamer
The Illustrious Costa Ludus, Grandmaster Mage
The Noble Festus, Grandmaster Scholar
The Murderer Festus, Grandmaster Scholar Power Level 9000
The Unsavory Sudden
Slim Pick'ns
The Great Talitha
The Admirable Frick Power Level 9000
The Famed Serena Warrior
The Honorable Sargulg
The Respectable Inviolable
The Glorious Lord Roland, Grandmaster Rogue
The Murderer Biohazard
The Glorious Lord Rufus, Grandmaster Bard Yes
The Good Derratix Shinigami
The Glorious Lord Bardy Mcbard, Grandmaster Healer McBard Bardy
The Proper Sarrano
The Glorious Lord Doug, Grandmaster Mage The Enigma
The Rude Botulism
The Noble David, Grandmaster Wrestler
The Glorious Doornroosje, Grandmaster Bard Sleeping Beauty
The Admirable Dr.Dedoverde Dr. Greenthumb
The Scoundrel Joshimitsu Justified
The Famed Rhaegar The Beautiful
The Respectable Joshimitsu
The Murderer Donnie Darko Joshi's Pride
The Illustrious Death Queen, Grandmaster Rogue
The Glorious Meo, Grandmaster Mage
Orphea Blacksmith
The Prominent deathlord-pac Arancar
The Famed Onoskelis
The Murderer Fat Baster Power Level 9000
The Rude Black Betty BAM BA LAM
The Good Freak Show
The Rude Oz
The Honorable Roadkill
The Great Detinher
Jersey Devil
The Commendable L J Hooker
Phantasm McGee
Rodrigo Diaz
The Notable Some Guy
The Respectable Pop Rice Krispee
The Glorious Havoc, Grandmaster Ranger
The Good Vixus The Carmine
The Villainous Belzoni, Grandmaster Cartographer Giovanni Battista
The Honorable Talck Sheat
The Illustrious Bushwick Bill, Grandmaster Scholar Bard
The Murderer Veto Power Special Delivery
The Prominent Muerto John Dead Juan
The Malicious Buschwick Jill
The Glorious Lord Zap, Grandmaster Ranger The Animal Handler
The Murderer Junkyard Dog
The Illustrious Kinslayer, Grandmaster Ranger
The Distinguished Voth, Grandmaster Mage Hitman
The Malicious Gro Jr Mini Me
The Murderer Itsa Me Mario
The Glorious Babja, Grandmaster Archer Insinkerator
The Glorious Gooseneck Bob, Grandmaster Scholar Chicken Choker
Deckard Cain Horadric Sage
The Glorious Lord Relevated, Grandmaster Tamer
The Murderer Reverend
The Murderer Vendarius
The Murderer Daz Dillinger
The Murderer Mojo, Grandmaster Cartographer
The Illustrious Lord Vero, Grandmaster Scholar
The Admirable Vera Brigand
The Admirable Werther
The Reputable Thorstein
The Murderer Aitelli
The Noble Lady Galaxy, Grandmaster Rogue
The Unsavory Sightless Jerold Pluck Thy Own Eye
The Dishonorable StrongArm Magee The Three Amigos
Iron Maiden
The Murderer Margaery
The Murderer Ada Lovelace
The Famed Glass
The Rude Mal
The Unsavory Insomnia
Nakano Mr. Ness
The Great Calliope
The Unsavory King Eider Vortex Landmine
The Murderer Far Stain
The Illustrious FarstianLatfamer, Grandmaster Bard
The Glorious Idle Handz, Grandmaster Tamer
The Good Thurst
The Dishonorable Willow
The Glorious Lady Grave Vixen, Grandmaster Scholar
The Glorious Lady grave vixen, Grandmaster Healer
The Murderer Althalos
The Glorious Lord Tybalt, Grandmaster Rogue
The Proper Hubert The Great Bard
The Notable Annie
The Proper Meatballs
The Respectable CoorsLight

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