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Guild Info

Abbreviation S3X
Guild Type Standard
Website None
Total Members 45
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader

Salty Seaman

At war with


Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
The Illustrious Loose Lips, Grandmaster Ranger Tight Ass
The Lord Salty Seaman, Grandmaster Mage Dirty
The Murderer a pirate
The Noble God, Grandmaster Tamer The Master of
The Rude a pirate
The Murderer a pirate
The Prominent G-Star
The Murderer Apoc, Grandmaster Tamer Looking 4
The Illustrious Zinnia, Grandmaster Ranger Amazing
The Rude The Goat Goddess
The Dishonored Lord Zur, Grandmaster Mage Red Wings
The Good Hyacinth
The Scoundrel Trick The Bone Ranger
The Dishonored Lord Trickery, Grandmaster Scholar Magic
The Great Bardoramix Provoking
The Kind Dreadpsycho Sloppy
The Glorious Weaksauce, Grandmaster Tamer Five mins
The Despicable JizzyJim Sticky
The Prominent OLE HEAD BUSSA
The Glorious Anne Frank, Grandmaster Bard Pussy Stinks of
The Eminent Dylan, Grandmaster Smith
The Famed IllUsIoN
The Glorious Lord Zoolander, Grandmaster Ranger
The Glorious Lady Hemmamozak, Grandmaster Ranger
The Glorious Lady Crysstan, Grandmaster Bard
Pandora Sultry
The Vile Immortan
A Buccaneer
The Glorious Lady Sheela, Grandmaster Ranger Vanilla
The Glorious Jedi, Grandmaster Cartographer
The Illustrious Lord Tacheles, Grandmaster Mage The Motley
The Honorable Treasure Lady Golden
The Dishonored Lady Lucky Lady, Grandmaster Bard
The Murderer Hello Kitty CupCake
The Disreputable That Hoe
Epididymis Yes
The Rude Bustache Free Rides
Pickle Rick
The Murderer Rana Coldeyes, Grandmaster Bard India Pale Ale Yes
The Kind a seadog
Amantha Futch Widow Fund Yes
Freak Show Yes

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