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Rated R

Guild Info

Abbreviation -R-
Guild Type Standard
Website None
Total Members 13
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader

Jody Highroller

At war with


Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
The Good Badman
Wob Beir
The Famed Ed BigHead Cocktail Fruit!
Greybeard Butt Naked Avenger
YoungHeathLedger Dat Butter
The Admirable DatsMyWurd Damage Inc
Spoonie Luv From Up Above
The Glorious Lady Damaged Goods, Grandmaster Ranger Ms.Demeanor
The Rude MissDemeanor Warning][Rated
Blackbeard NotSo Naked Avenger
The Vile Rugi The Fastest
Jody Highroller Neon Icon
The Glorious Lord Cesar Millan, Grandmaster Tamer Dragon Whisperer

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