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Avengers of Justice

Guild Info

Abbreviation AoJ
Guild Type Standard
Website None
Total Members 200
Total Enemies 0

Guild Leader


At war with


Guild Members

Player Title Guild Title Online
The Glorious Lord Kahlua, Grandmaster Scholar Milky
The Honest Oggyersrs The Outlaw
The Illustrious Hells Bells, Grandmaster Tamer
The Illustrious Meo, Grandmaster Bard
The Fair Orphea Working Horse
The Admirable Bubbles
The Glorious Barristan, Grandmaster Scholar Mentor of Music
The Fair Amos
The Glorious Lord Aemon, Grandmaster Ranger Horse Master
The Admirable Lotus Crafting Fool
The Illustrious Scrachem Itchies, Grandmaster Rogue
The Glorious Lord Indiana Jones, Grandmaster Rogue knick knack
The Noble Lady Marijuana, Grandmaster Scholar Gotta get lit
The Illustrious Ghandi, Grandmaster Ranger sting like wyrm
The Glorious Artimis Monk, Grandmaster Scholar
The Murderer Little John Home Run
The Sinister Lord Uther, Grandmaster Scholar Yes
The Respectable Lothair
The Kind Taters Ashen One
The Respectable Dine A Mite
The Great Mister Jones
The Murderer Mojo-Jojo
The Illustrious Link, Grandmaster Stoic Kal Ort Por
The Scoundrel Pongo
The Ignoble Archie Berd High Strung
The Murderer blacksail pirate
The Glorious BeastManStine, Grandmaster Ranger The Mare Whisperer
The Murderer Tassadar
The Illustrious Zelda, Grandmaster Ranger Link's Lady
The Noble Lady Mei, Grandmaster Mage
The Dishonorable Grofus Founding Father
The Glorious Lord Jason, Grandmaster Tailor Original Recipe
The Distinguished Captain D, Grandmaster Cartographer Shotgun Management
The Murderer Grophus Bringin' the Heat Yes
The Illustrious Lord Speghat, Grandmaster Bard Troubador Yes
The Respectable Willie One-Leg Fish Sticks
The Illustrious Moriena, Grandmaster Fencer Saint of Killers
The Murderer Speghatios Uhh Ohh
The Ignoble Madam Shanna Rivendell
The Dishonorable Woodrow Ruffian
Cheetara Eye of Thundera
The Illustrious Larlita, Grandmaster Tamer Uncomfortably Numb
The Rude Jeannie Tax Collector Yes
The Dishonorable Ted Nugent Destroyer of Poons
The Rude Daddy Mac Mac Daddy
The Dishonorable Lemon Zest Southern Wonder
Dr Double D's Southern Wonder Yes
The Illustrious of the night, Grandmaster Tamer
The Unsavory Sunny Cowgirl
The Murderer Dr Pepper
The Lord The Doctor, Grandmaster Scholar Tambourine Man
The Good Donald Duck
The Scoundrel Crackle Rice Krispee
The Respectable One Coucil
The Commendable Sir Lucas III The Cool Cat
Skellepine Son of Grofus
The Scoundrel Snap Rice Krispee
The Disreputable Gabriel Holy Avenger
The Glorious Festus, Grandmaster Scholar Power Level 9000
The Unsavory Sudden
Sir Geoffrey Nub of
Slim Pick'ns
The Great Talitha
The Famed Serena Warrior
The Honorable Derratix
The Honorable Sarrano
The Illustrious Lord Doug, Grandmaster Mage
The Glorious Lord Enkidu, Grandmaster Ranger Unholy Tamer
Lucifer Holy Smith
The Illustrious Doornroosje, Grandmaster Bard Sleeping Beauty
The Respectable Dr.Dedoverde Need a hospital?
Robin of Loxley For the People
Sarah Thursfield Sister of the BOD
Hennep Inc Legalize
The Good Joshimitsu Justified
Edward Elric Full Metal Alchemist
The Honorable Donnie Darko Joshi's Pride
The Glorious Lord Meo, Grandmaster Bard
Orphea Blacksmith
The Respectable deathlord-pac Shinigami
Festus Power Level 9000
The Glorious Gordon Sumner, Grandmaster Bard Fields of Gold
The Unsavory Freak Show
The Great Roadkill
The Illustrious Detinher, Grandmaster Stoic
The Honorable Jersey Devil
The Famed Gilles
The Good Pon Ching Bhag
The Honest Random
The Fair Phantasm McGee
The Illustrious Lord God Himself, Grandmaster Smith The Maker
The Good Olaf Appledore
The Kind Hekatomb Karnage
God Herself The Creator
The Famed Kurt Cobain Grungy
Pop Rice Krispee
The Honorable shorty blue A Million Pricks
Berries oops all
The Glorious Havoc, Grandmaster Ranger
The Admirable Vixus The Carmine
The Illustrious Belzoni, Grandmaster Bard Giovanni Battista
The Glorious Patorian, Grandmaster Scholar Bard
The Honorable Flying-Dutchman
The Renowned Whisperer, Grandmaster Ranger The Dragon
The Noble Lord Bushwick Bill, Grandmaster Scholar Bard
The Notable Veto Power Special Delivery
The Famed Muerto John Dead Juan
The Illustrious Zap, Grandmaster Ranger The Animal Handler
The Rude Junkyard Dog
The Glorious Lord Bo E Ru, Grandmaster Healer
Not him
The Admirable Hwan Take it easy
The Glorious Lady Mid or Afk, Grandmaster Scholar Mid and AFK
The Glorious Kinslayer, Grandmaster Ranger
The Noble Voth, Grandmaster Mage Hitman
The Malicious Gro Jr Mini Me
The Murderer Itsa Me Mario
The Unsavory Djstellar
The Glorious Babja, Grandmaster Archer Insinkerator
The Glorious Gooseneck Bob, Grandmaster Scholar Chicken Choker
Deckard Cain Horadric Sage
The Glorious Lord Relevated, Grandmaster Tamer
The Scoundrel Reverend
The Rude Vendarius
The Illustrious Daz Dillinger, Grandmaster Warrior
The Admirable Mojo
The Unsavory Sentience Pigsticker
The Commendable Esquire
Maalik The Hellfire
The Rude FalleN
The Proper Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball
The Glorious Bill White, Grandmaster Miner Horticulture King
a slutty lass Sassafrass
The Good efiL roF citsapS
The Good Spastic For Life
The Honest Bill White Fish. Fish. Fish
The Dastardly Gotcha Scumbag
a watermelon
The Glorious Lord William C Doyle, Grandmaster Tamer Imperceptible Bard
The Prominent Monica Margolis Hoe Fo' Sho
The Rude SpAsTiC fOr LiFe
The Illustrious Zeiss, Grandmaster Scholar
The Honest Guillaume
The Honorable Spinner
The Noble Xtura, Grandmaster Scholar Ultra Maestro
The Prominent Psyche Super EMO Chick
The Unsavory Ultra
The Good Pope
The Fair Nurse Betty
The Rude Madame Arsenic
Drake Ultra Tamer
The Glorious Lady Gallium, Grandmaster Scholar Hand Reborn
The Proper Ignis Underdog
The Illustrious Steve Irwin, Grandmaster Ranger
The Honorable Lara Croft Crypt Pilferer
hand Crafted by
The Noble Lord Vero, Grandmaster Scholar
The Rude Tidal
The Admirable Vera Brigand
The Glorious Lord Digger, Grandmaster Armsman
The Glorious Digger, Grandmaster Scholar
The Disreputable Thorstein
The Great Indy
The Fair nitsua
The Rude Dinglefitz
The Famed Ellis Dee
The Famed Tina Thynnus Fishy Chick
The Admirable Janis Joplin
The Illustrious Aitelli, Grandmaster Tamer
The Trustworthy Corben
The Renowned SirPotAlot, Grandmaster Scholar
The Glorious Barbosa, Grandmaster Ranger Captain
The Unsavory Clausel
The Admirable SnowDrift Winter is Coming
The Distinguished HonkiusPrime, Grandmaster Bard The Three Amigos
The Famed ministrel
The Admirable DiscoStu
The Scoundrel HHH The Three Amigos
The Dishonorable StrongArm Magee The Three Amigos
The Honest snarker
The Fair Goodguy
DustyDust Yes
The Illustrious Ice Heart, Grandmaster Bard Nyght's Apprentice
The Honorable Mildred Beltonne Grofina Jr.
The Upstanding Dusty
The Illustrious Dustpan, Grandmaster Bard
Zanzabar Master Carpenter
Zanz AoJ Miner

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