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Frenzie's move?
As title states, did the frenzie spot move or was patched over? any info would be nice
Something is wrong. I hunted there several times this week (red and shadow frenzy) with the last time being Wednesday and never had any trouble spawning all 4. I just popped out there and nothing.

Varak - Bard/Mage
My apologies for the omission, but they have not been patched out at all.  I have been spending time out in T2A working on balancing out the spawn and filing in where there was no spawn at all.  I decided to add more frenzied spawners but they are spread out in the grassy (southern) section of T2A, and none in the sandy (northern) part (that's why we have desert ostards) Also, their timers are not very fast.  There are 7 spawners now, each with a 30 minute to 6 hour spawn intervals.  Doing the math, this means a new ostard could be available roughly every 45 minutes, depending when the random number generator assigns the spawntime.  I am open to reducing the window by a little if it becomes unbearable.  This is to make the darker colored ostards more valuable, gives an advantage to tracker tamers, and is more realistic IMHO.  This also has the positive side effect or starting to create a market for these more desirable colored ostards.
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