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Picture of the Month Contest - March '16
Submit your pictures into this thread!

You can help us make our website prettier by posting your submission for picture of the month in this thread. Each month, the winner of the picture of the month will receive a trophy in game for their submission. Pictures can be anything, at the beginning of each month we will judge the winner.

A good place for uploading images is - to post a picture of the forums, first upload it to imgur, and then use the direct image link inside forum tags like so:


Guidelines for pictures:
  • Avoid any client modifications (eg: tree stump hack, paperdoll edits)
  • Try your best to avoid "system message spam" - where the left side of your screen is filled with messages.

Get submitting today!
[Image: forumsig.jpg]
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[Image: 4Ubjubg.png?1]

Yin & Yang
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[Image: BtGWlvI.jpg]

[Image: HyZkCOM.png]

Doing some deco on the bottom of the castle.
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*Cr3w*  *WAR US*                  ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐                    *Cr3w*  *WAR US*
[Image: coFgqHB.gif]
Looking very nice Smile
[Image: jack-sig.png]
another 10 days left in the month, lets get some more pics!!
Happy Easter 2016

[Image: wJzaz9q.jpg]
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[Image: aj2TVfz.jpg]
[Image: vet.jpg]
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[Image: wizkidsig.png]
[Image: jack-sig.png]
I can't not share this. A funny little mishap while trying to delete a road tile next to our player town.....Bye Bye Tavern.

PS... Read the chat log.

[Image: 2lHyl1w.jpg]
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*Cr3w*  *WAR US*                  ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐                    *Cr3w*  *WAR US*
[Image: coFgqHB.gif]
Currently 25 players online so who exactly uses these player towns?
[Image: 8SYLD0h.jpg]

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