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Fix for UO Client Crashes
Hey everyone. I had been having a serious problem with UO client crashes on my fisherman whenever he was under sail and I left the window. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that you have to change some program properties to prevent that from happening. In fact, everyone should change those settings even if just to improve performance. I think this may be something that longtime players have already known, so I'm sorry if this isobvious information, but it was pretty crippling to me as a returning player.

So, everyone should be going into the compatibility tab in the properties menu of each program you've got running to play (UO client, Razor, and UOAM). Once there, be sure to select compability mode for whichever OS you're running. In addition, you shouldselect "Disable visual themes" and "Disable desktop composition." Finally, you should select the option to run the programs as an administrator.

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Thanks Scooter!

This is definitely something that should be known to all players. I will make sure this info is readily available to anyone installing the game.

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Yep. Thanks! Fixed all my problems.

Works great! Haven't had my client crap out since I tried your fix, it also fixed where my client kept flashing to desktop constantly. So I'm assuming the problem with the flashing is Aero.

Thanks man!

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