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Silver serpent in Jhelom [updated]
there was always one silver serpent in the jungle in Jhelom as were there a couple corpses and some gorillas. Not sure if that matters just pointing out. Also magical wizard hats don't seem to work.

I will look at placing a silver serpent spawn there, I remember using this to kill off bulls as well.

Magical wizard hats don't work in what way? They will not be effective for gaining meditation here, if that is the question. We have no passive meditation gains.

[Image: jack-sig.png]
They would add intelligence and lower hits. Used to work with low med skill and for healing at low skills. Stats don't change when wearing it. I used to use serpents to kill tamers at my farm. Of course when my dial up didn't fail me.

I have added a few silver serpents to the jungle to the north and replaced the weird lizard/ratman spawn up there with generic jungle spawn. Let me know how you find it.

I will get the wizard hats functioning correctly in the next patch, which should be some time this weekend. There are what I consider, some fairly major changes coming this weekend, regarding spawns and some of the base mechanics.

Thanks for the reports, it's really helpful to know when stuff isn't as it should be.
[Image: jack-sig.png]
I haven't been to check spawn but there were also lizardmen and ratmen there as well.

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