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Thief Guildmaster spawned?

I was searching for a while to find a Thief Guildmaster in Skara Brae, Jhelom and Vesper and some other places but couldnt find any. Are they actualy spawned? If so where might they be on this server?

Thanks for the advice!

They are! Or one is, anyway. There is a thief guildmaster in one of the western Buc's Den buildings called Pirate's Den.

The portal to get to Buc's Den is southwest of Vesper, or there's a rune library for all towns and dungeons just north of the Brit moongate.

I was actually looking for him to train Stealth which he doesnt train. Why is that? Can that be learned elsewhere or be added?

Thanks a lot!

Ah, so both Stealth and Remove Traps require that others skills be high enough first.

To begin training stealth, you need to have a hiding skill of at least 80.

Aha Smile thanks a lot man, fast response, on spot. thanks a lot!

There is a thief guild master in the inn south of wbb, too, unless something happened to him. Not totally sure where else they should spawn.
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There should be one in the basement of the tannery in Vesper, and one should wander about the southern island of Jhelom.

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