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I've been here for two weeks and would like to see,

-Much Much harder skill gain for everything especially Magery.
-Much more dangerous wilderness
-No Mounts
-Maybe Slower Meditation skill.
-Make Vanqs and Power weapons very hard to obtain and highly sought out.
-Make all Macroing Illegal (this will increase activity and interaction)
-Make Crafters, Blacksmiths, Tailors failure rate higher thus burning through resources quicker
-Make Weapons lose durability faster needing blacksmith repair more often.

The game as been out for over 22 years now, it's time to bring back the difficulty. I'm sure this shard will be around for 8+ years. So make the players take there time building. My Suggestions
I think reduction in tedium and not an increase will help the server more in the long run. Most of us have been playing for 10+ years and might just want to play the game and interact with each other and the environment more than just pointless grind. I'm of the mind this game shouldn't take more time than a full time job just to accomplish trivial tasks. An emphasis on content, focus on pvp in a manner that other servers are lacking in, and things such as the events will do more to draw in people than making this game more annoying to play.
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Most of these changes are geared toward making a more "hardcore" shard, which isn't the goal we're trying to accomplish. However vanqs at this rate are fairly rare, in fact rare enough that at last check, there were only a total of 10 vanq halberds on the shard, of which the highest accuracy level on them is only +5. The best one has charges of daemon's breath.

A more dangerous wilderness is probably something that will happen at some stage as the spawn in the wilderness is fairly light in many areas. It's of course, a big job to fill out all of Britannia with creatures.
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