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Starting Out in Lost Lands
Starting out in UO Lost Lands

Welcome to a guide on how to start out in Lost Lands, this guide assumes you are able to log in and deals with how to start out as a new player.

1 - Creating your Character
2 - Building Stats/Skills
3 - Farming Bandages

Creating Your Character

The first thing you need to decide is what sort of character you want to create, UO allows for many play styles including crafters/tamers/bards etc, however this guide will deal with the three easiest to get off the ground. For details on a completed character templates, please refer to Tophu's guide:

Players in Lost Lands have a limit of 225 stat points (Strength/Dex/Int) - This usually means players invest 100 points in two stats, and 25 in the remaining stat (e.g. 100 str, 100 int, 25 dex)
Players in Lost Lands also have a limit of 700 skill points (Swords/Magery/Healing etc) - This means 100.0 skill points into 7 different skills, or broken down into other skills.

The three templates this guide will deal with are:

Warrior - Players that wear armor, carry big weapons and heal using bandages, they are not very strong against higher end monsters unless equipped with the right gear, however warriors are a great way to start out and get a feel for UO. Warriors are efficient at farming, but generally do not have the farming capability of mages/bards.
Hally Mage - This is the standard template used in most PvP combat, and my preferred template. Starting out as a hally mage is quite tough, but it means you can get into PvP as soon as your character is done. Hally mages are quite slow at farming, but faster than warriors.
Bard - The top PvM template (excluding tamers), playing a bard usually involves little direct involvement with fighting and allows for a lot of gold to be farmed up relatively quickly.

When you log in, you will be asked which template you wish to create - ignore the rest and select "Advanced"

[Image: Hi5E0Td.png]

The next screen will prompt you for your desired skills/stats, typically intelligence is the hardest stat to raise so attempt to put as many points into int as possible if your are a mage. Although if you neglect strength you will notice your character dies in 1-2 hits and can only carry 100 stones of equipment!

[Image: QuUK6hx.png]

For the templates mentioned previously, the advised starting stats/skills are:
50 Healing
49Magery/Combat Skill*
60 str/10 dex/10 int

Hally Mage:
49 Resist*
50 Magery
50 str/20 int/10 dex

49 Provo*
50 Magery
50 str/20 int/10 dex

*You'll notice that in the above screenshot that my third selected skill is "Swordsmanship" this is because investing 1 point into a skill will allow you to start with the newbie items related to that skill (i.e. Swordsmanship -> Free newbie sword). It is advised you find a skill which has useful starting tools and invest one skill point, examples are:

Healing: Newbied scissors

Magery: Spellbook + regs
Combat Skill: Newbied weapon
Stealing: Newbied Cloak
Blacksmithing/Mining: Newbied Apron
Mining: Shovel (Great for Cartographers)
Fishing: Newbied Floppy Hat
Music Skill: Newbied instrument
Herding: Newbied Crook

After choosing your stats/skills, your character will spawn outside the Britain Inn and you can begin your adventure!

[Image: sO0mXbI.png]

Building Stats/Skills


The first thing you will notice is that your stars are very low, it is always advised that you raise your 3 basic stats before going any further, the methods for increasing your stats are:

Strength - Determines max weight/Hit points
Method to Gain: Herding/Camping

Intelligence - Determines maximum mana
Method to Gain: Camping/Spirit Speak/Evaluating Intelligence

Dexterity -
Determines swing speed/stamina
Method to Gain: Herding/Snooping

It is important to note that stats will gain when their appropriate skill is used (e.g. raising swords will raise str, and will never raise int), so if the skill is pointed down/locked, you will NOT get any stat gains.

Typically dexterity is the easiest skill to gain followed by strength, with intelligence being the most time consuming/difficult skill to raise. Don't worry about getting all your stats perfectly to 100/100/25 just yet, as you macro your skills they will rise. Should any of your stats begin to increase too much (i.e. you do not want more than 25 dex on your mage), you can set the arrow pointed down and no further gains will be made to that specified skill:

[Image: Z6NfEj5.png]

The three states the stat has are:

Up - Skill/Stat will increase on next available opportunity
Down - Skill/Stat will decrease if the max total skill point limit (225) has been reached
Locked - Skill/Stat will not change

Herding (Str + Dex)
When starting any char, it is important to raise STR as soon as possible. Strength determines how much your character can carry and how much hits he can take in battle before dying so it is incredibly useful, and luckily is will raise very quickly when herding animals. In order to raise herding, you will need a shepherds crook and a wild animal, shepherds crooks can be purchased from the weaponsmith southwest of the starting Inn by Britain:

[Image: DpXeZbq.png]

After buying the shepherds crook, find any animal in Brit and use razor to macro herding on it, you should begin to see str gains immediately:

(Str + Int)

If your char is still not 100str after herding, or you wish to raise your characters intelligence, you will need to do some camping.
Camping requires kindling, which can be gathered by using a dagger on any tree:

[Image: 3LTO1nT.png]

After the kindling has been gathered in your pack, simply record a macro of double clicking the kindling using razor and restock as required.

Even after herding/camping for a while you do not need to be 100/100/25 or 100/25/100, the rest of your stats will gain over the course of the rest of your training.


This next section of the guide aims at how to level up the 7 skills needed for a Warrior/Mage/Bard.

Weapon Skill, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Hiding, Resist, Parry
Hally Mage:
Magery, Meditation, Swordsmanship, Tactics, Resist, Wrestling, Evaluating Intelligence
Provocation, Musicianship, Magery, Meditation, Wrestling, Evaluating Intelligence, Resisting Spells

Combat Skills
Wrestling, Swordsmanship (*Skinning Knife), Tactics , Archery (*Bow), Fencing (*Dagger), Macing (*Wand)
Time to GM:
12hrs - 24hrs (Depends on dex/swing speed)
Resources Required:
3-5k bandages, armor (Helpful, reduces damage), Weapon*
*Weapon to use if wanting gains for desired skill

Firstly we are going to macro our combat skill, because no matter which character template you are building, you will need to macro up either wrestling or a weapon skill.

Combat skills will only gain if you are hitting an opponent that has a skill level similar to yours, so the best way around this is to create a new character which will be used to gain your combat skill.

Have one of the characters that is fighting use a macro in Razor to heal using bandages, the heal delay for yourself is 15 seconds and for another player is 6 seconds. So if you are able to use all 3 accounts (two fighting, one healing), you will be able to make an easy macro. However if one of the characters fighting is your warrior (And needs the healing), use him and adjust the macro where required.

If your character is macroing a combat skill, be sure to macro one of the lore skills at the same time as they work on different timers.

Lore Skills
Evaluating Intelligence, Anatomy
Time to GM: 2-3 days
Resources Required: None
Eval Int and Anatomy are incredibly useful skills, however are quite slow to raise. In order to raise Anatomy/Eval Int, simply select the skill from the paperdoll and select any player/NPC. Typically this will be done as your are macroing up your combat skill.

Time to GM: 1-2 days
Resources Required: 5-10k bandages
The best way to macro healing is to use bandages on a character that has taken damage while macroing a combat skill. Healing is difficulty based, so you will need to heal larger amounts of damage as your healing skill increases, if you are healing only small amounts of damage, you will experience slow gains. If you are macroing a combat skill on a character, healing the character throughout training is a great way to raise the skill, just make sure to adjust timers as required so that you do not heal too frequently.

Additionally if you have high levels of anatomy/healing you will be able to macro on poisoned/dead targets..

60Healing/60 Anatomy - Cure poisoned targets
80Healing/80 Anatomy - Resurrect dead targets

Barding Skills
Musicianship, Provocation
Time to GM: Music = 1day, Provo = 2-3 days
Resources Required: Newbied instrument (Should have started with this!)

The first thing when creating a bard is to macro up your music skills, create a macro in razor to double click the newbied instrument in your pack until you are GM music.

After you are GM musicianship, you will need to macro provocation on wild animals. It does not matter which animals you macro on, and the easiest place is the Moonglow zoo. Just locate an animal and make a macro in razor for it to attack you (It will never reach you through the bars).

[Image: Um1Utp2.png]

Magery Skills
Magery, Meditation, Resist
Time to GM: Magery/Meditation = 2-3 days, Resist= 4-5 days
Resources Required: Magery/Meditation = 20k~ regs, Resist = 40k~ regs + 30k bandages.

The Magery skills are the final and most time consuming/expensive ones to raise, if you include resist can take up to a week to complete.

In order to GM Magery you will need to cast spells on a target, depending on what your shown Magery skill is, you will need to cast the below spell.

33 - 42.9 = Fireball (BP)
42.9 - 62.9 = Lightning (MR+SA)
62.9 - 82.0 = Energy Bolt (BP+NS)

If you are macroing  resist at the same time, you will need to cast on yourself and get another character to heal you.

Farming Gold/Bandages

Gold and Bandages are the two most useful commodities when starting out in UO.
Bandages will allow you to heal yourself while your characters macro combat/resist skills
Gold will allow you to purchase reagents/weapons/armor from vendors.

Bandages can be easily made by either sheering sheep, or picking

Shearing Sheep:
This is the easiest method for obtaining wool, simply go into one of the Yew Sheep pens and use a dagger on the sheep:
[Image: 4MaqBI6.png]

This will give you a pile of wool.

Gathering Cotton:
This is another really easy method of collecting bandages, simply go to one of the cotton farms throughout Britannia and double click on the cotton on the ground
[Image: oweZI3w.png]
Put the cotton in your pack, and find a tailor throughout the land.

Use the wool/cotton on a spinning wheel located in any town to create balls of yarn/spools of thread:
[Image: q4mIYZu.png]

Use the balls of yarn/spools of thread on the loom, and after enough balls have been added to the loom, a bolt of cloth will be created:
[Image: C3gTHcW.png]
[Image: uP0SE0E.png]

Using a pair of scissors on a bolt of cloth will create a yard of cloth, using the scissors on the yard of cloth will yield bandages.
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Awesome starting guide, Soma, love it. Will be forwarding all the questions on how to get started here Smile
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I got lockpicks for stealing, not a newbied cloak Wink
Hiding gets you a newbie cloak when starting a character

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