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Detect Hidden
I bought my detect hidden at the thief gm to 30.9 I have been using it on the ground near the bank for 2 hours and no gains at all.

My question is, am I missing something? I thought detect wasn't difficulty based?

[Image: 08942da1f31ef72e61336c04aae0559c.jpg]
You actually need to have a chance of detecting something in order to gain. I'd recommend macroing it in a shop that has trapped boxes.

You can't gain from player made boxes here.

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K thanks!

[Image: 08942da1f31ef72e61336c04aae0559c.jpg]
same problem, I'll probably find out where there are some trapped boxes before someone answers here, but so other people can find out, where are some places in Brit? I see plenty with locked boxes, don't know where the trapped ones are.
The boxes in Vesper bank. You can also raise it if someone is hidden in the area. Just macro one guy hiding and the other detecting.

[Image: 08942da1f31ef72e61336c04aae0559c.jpg]

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