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I am retiring from UO
[Image: uoll-heart.png]

Hail Lost Landers! As of today, I am retiring from UO & the ownership of UO Lost Lands. It's been an awesome few years with everyone! My passion for UO has been dwindling for some time & my availability has as well. You guys have extended my stay far beyond when I had initially decided to make my departure. I couldn't ask for a better community to be a part of!

I will be taking a break from everything for a bit but I will check into Discord now & again & maybe even host the potential event occasionally further down the road.

I am leaving the server in the very capable hands of Leon, our senior staff member. While often in the shadows he has been essential to the continuing operation of our great server & has been plugged into everything behind the scenes since before I became a staff member. He's been my right-hand man & has also taught me a great deal. I know there is much in store for the future here on UOLL's and I look forward to seeing it when I check in from time to time.

I wish you all the best!

Much love,
Wiz Kid
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[Image: wizkidsig.png]
Thank you for all you have done for this great server! You will be missed and I look forward to seeing you upon your return, as staff or as player! Nobody ever truly leaves uo!
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Wiz Kid,

I has been a pleasure my friend, I hope you can stop by and do some hally roulette, or what have you some time in the future. Keep in touch, thanks a million for your time you put into this.

Bushwick Bill
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I appreciate all your work keeping this server alive. Well done.

And Thank you.

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Thank you for everything Wiz Kid! Heart
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Thanks for all your hard work on the shard Wiz and keeping UOLL alive, you've done a fantastic job Smile

[Image: giphy.gif]
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[Image: jack-sig.png]
To the Venerable Wiz Kid,

     What can I say?  We first met in battle many years ago at an IDOC.  You tailored some of my first suits on multiple servers.  Discovering the Crystal Caverns will always be one of my most cherished UO memories.  Establishing the first Royal Casino, adding glorious content, hosting amazing events and late night surprises will be just some of the many exploits of your legacy.

     You will be sorely missed my good friend.  The influence you have left behind will be enjoyed by new generations.  Thank you for all your hard work and personal dedication to making this a great place.  We will collectively remember the way of the 8 Virtues; we will never let the evil influence of Mondain ruin this great realm.

Warmest Regards,
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Wow, So sad to see you go but I do understand the need for a break at times. I look forward to seeing you back someday as a player or staff. Till later my friend

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Good luck in your travels Wiz. Every encounter with you is an enjoyable one Smile
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Take it easy bud. You'll be back. Smile
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