• Bounty information sent through discord will show the murderers incognito name instead of their real name.

  • Monster statues on the platinum vendor have been fixed.
  • Added a Clothing Unbless Deed item - stay tuned for where to buy them.
  • Stone Pickaxe now guarantees granite with every charge.
  • Level 6 BOD cloth has been introduced:
    [Image: item.php?hue=1159&id=5991][Image: item.php?hue=1171&id=5991][Image: item.php?hue=1194&id=5991][Image: item.php?hue=1284&id=5991]

  • In preparation for turning on condemned housing in game commands have been added to ease players in to the process. Tell your friends: "Refresh your houses"!
  • Stone and marble workshops are now available!

Crystal Cavern
  • Crystal Cavern mobs have been permanently coded in to the game and will replace the existing spawn.
  • Captain Franklin is a new mini-boss in the crystal caverns. Instead of a statue he drops a crystal staff. The staff comes in one of the 3 crystal colors
    [Image: item.php?hue=1150&id=3721][Image: item.php?hue=1151&id=3721][Image: item.php?hue=1154&id=3721]
Wiz and TKE did a great job pulling this patch together. Thank you both!
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You're all doing a wonderful job, thanks so much!
Condemned housing? So are we switching to one house per account? Details please?
(05-10-2019, 09:07 PM)Xandorf Wrote: Condemned housing? So are we switching to one house per account? Details please?

The only change will be that an account that hasn't logged in for 60+ days will have their house marked as condemned. A friend/coowner will not be able to refresh the condemned house.

If the owner logs back in after the house has been condemned, but before it falls, it will not be condemned anymore and can be refreshed.
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K, thanks. One more question. Can you log into any character on the account? Or does it have to be the character that owns the house? I just want to make sure I don't make any mistakes.

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