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elder gazer hunting in covetous
Seems to be differences from old shard. If any of you know a better way to hunt the elder gazers please tell me. Comes down to three things

1. I can't heal them fast enough with bandages, so I have to use some greater heals. but for some reason, only one of them gets hurt at time ONLY that one, so that's the only one I have to heal, fortunately.
2. It a little different from my old shard, usually the dragons keep focused on the gazers, they don't come after my toon gathering the gold
3. They dragons don't coordinate, meaning attack the same gazers, I suppose I could have my tamer say all guard me, but I'd have to stay visible for that, I wonder if I should have them all guard the gold gatherer instead, unless they would make them move past the tamer blocker. The way I did it on my old shard was to have the tamer say "all stop" that teleport to across the water, while the blocker stays and the tamer gathers the gold, but figured it would be better if the tamer is the blocker, since he can heal the drags right next to him, but maybe it isn't better.

I made first a video which was somewhat of a failure, I was killed quickly, so I'm post the somewhat successful one after that. My tamer blocker you'll see does eventually get killed, but not as quick as last time.

Ok...........I can't post an RPV, avi's have problems and I didn't take an avi of this............

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