Patch 61 - (White Wyrms, Log Cabins, Oh My!)
Howdy howdy howdy!  

Please find the patch 61 notes below and if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, please feel free to contact me in Discord.

Keep on keepin' on Lost Landers!

[Image: 23_mcconaughey.w330.h330.jpg]

Player versus Environment
  • None
Player versus Player
  • Automated Events
    Daemon Bone is confirmed to have the correct AR during non-magic events.
    Players from the same household (IP) are confirmed to be able to participate in the same events.
    A bug has been fixed where players would use a bandage prior to sudden death and once sudden death activated, the bandage would still cure.
  • Deadly Poison / Greater Cure Potion
    Greater cure potions now have an increased chance to cure deadly poison.
  • Delayed Damage GWhack Bug
    A bug has been fixed where a player would recall from an active Town Invasion to a guarded area after being targeted by a delayed damage spell, i.e. explosion, which resulted in the caster being killed by guards from across the world.

  • White Wyrms will now cast mass curse.
  • Blacksmiths can now create ore-hued weapons depending on the resource used during crafting.
Rewards System
  • Murderer Title Deeds are now properly consumed on use.
  • Magic clothing with zero charges will now appear on single click to be a normal item.
  • Log cabins are now available at your local Architect for 120,500 gp.  The structure comes with 85 lockdowns and 3 secures.
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