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50-GM 45 hours taming guide
Here's a guide to GMing taming, that's not totally original, but may work better than some of the others ones I've seen. I managed to GM taming in 45 hours of real time. Here's the link, but I'll be adding some of my own notes/information that may help you.

Keep in mind, if you have a 50 taming (you should create your toon with it, if you are serious about GMing taming faster, though you could do it from 0, but this guide focuses on 50-GM) and an 100 intelligence (which you can easily get by herding- for this you'll have to raise your skillcap to 700, put herding up, and the rest locked- herding will not go up, but you will STILL get gains to your stats, all of your stats, with continued herding) you can START at the compassion shrine as your taming will be around 59 adjusted with your intelligence and you'll be able to tame the creatures there. You'll want to dual client with the compassion shrine and hoppers bog. Put the taming toon near the ankh of the compassion shrine and tame across the water to the left, with the hoppers bog put your toon up on a ledge somewhere as none of the creatures can attack from a distance.

With your other toon, what you will want to do is gather the creatures for your tamer to tame, have them chase after you and bring them, across the water (in the case of the compassion shrine) or below the ledge-in hoppers bog. With hoppers bog have some swamp tentacles as well, as they can not be tamed and as soon as you successfully tame a creature, the other untamed creatures will attack it. You want the giant frogs to respawn, same with the tameable creatures at the compassion shrine, have earth elementals as well, so they will them for them to respawn. You can gain skill with any tameable creatures (as far as I know) as long as you don't get the message "That wasn't even challenging" It will also help to use the teleport spell as there are many ledges/hit spots here and it's easier to just teleport up to them rather than try to find the ramps (which can be hard to see)

Now, when you start to tame hell hounds, you can do it the way the thread poster in the link suggests. However, there is another way to do, I find easier, despite needing 2 other toons logged in to do it, which you will need to have GM hiding with, or least high enough of a hiding skill that it almost always works (provided you aren't near mob, that is, of course)


The above pic is Hythloth, with the hand pointing the specific room it is on the map and you'll need the two hiders to block the entranceway, put them RIGHT in the entranceway, though it may work to put them one tile north or south of it, but you'll two blockers. Once they are hidden, the hell hounds will not be able get past them and you can tame through the invisible toons. But, just let me remind you that the hell hounds do breathe fire and can and will hit you with it, you'll need to heal your tamer periodically, either with greater heal spells, or bandages. The hell hounds only spawn as a group, once all them in that room are dead, they will either almost instantly, or after several minutes respawn all at a time.


Above is another place you can visit in the T2A lost lands fire dungeon (there is a rune on a ship near Delucia) Here you only use one toon as a tamer, with the toon that brings you your tames, so I'm told, instead of 3. However, I didn't have the best experience with it. I'm told it is a "safe spot" but I have seen some mobs on the two tiles you can stand on here.  You will need another toon to bring over the hell hounds. You will get think gargoyles and orc mages that can attack you, the space is very cramped for the person luring over the tames and I died several times. I'd still rather go with the hythloth method, but if you know something I don't about how to better tame here, let me know.

Here's the play by play breakdown of how long it took me to get to GM in real time. Keep in mind, I didn't know how to use my power hour, so that's why I only used it in the last 2 segments.

1.       3h, 59.0-66.0 compassion shrine

2.       3h 15 min, 66.0-77.1, compassion shrine
3.       6h 50 min, 77.1-85.0, hoppers bog
4.       1h 30min, 85.0-87.2, all of the rest Hythloth Hell hounds, room pictured
5.       4h, 87.2-90.0
6.       2h, 90.0-91.5
7.       3h 15min, 91.5-93.0
8.       7h 45min, 93.0-95.1
9.       6h 30min 95.2-97.3
10.   5h 45min, 97.3-99.7, with power hour used
11.   35min, 99.6-100.00, with power hour used
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