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Going to War | Need Basic Items Part 2
Here is my purchase order, please place a bid on items in totality, individually, or grouping:

EDIT 1: Keg and Reg order has been claimed and accepted.  Only halberd order remains

[b][u]EDIT 2: Entire order has been fulfilled thank you everyone[/u][/b]

Edit 3: Part 2

Part 2

More Reagents

10k pearl
10k ash
10k spider silk
5k moss
10k mandrake root

Empty Bottles (4k)


40 Greater Explosion Kegs

25 Greater Heal Kegs

30 Total Refresh Kegs

20 Greater Str

18 Greater Agility

10 Greater Cure (Heard these are worthless but why not)


5k each except for:

20k Ash

20k Silk

7.5k Garlic

7.5k Gynsing

6.5k Mandrake Root


100 Gm Made DP'd halberds

Thank you,
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Scienter | FT$
I wouldn't say they're worthless. They're'd just carry more than you're used too.
[Image: Jto3mRU.png]
Oooh, who you going to war against? Sounds serious.

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