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Allowing a 2nd Trash barrel
I think that adding a second trash barrel for homes would greatly benefit the shard and players both.

How often have you had to run to the other side of your castle or run to the first floor of your tower because you wanted to trash some items but your trash barrel is already placed elsewhere?

Allowing a 2nd would save players time and also encourage people to toss items in there if they are in closer vicinity rather than on the other side of the home.

Less items in the world means less lag and less server stress.

Not to mention how many of us have found IDOCS with chests full of JUNK? Smile it would benefit all of us to consider a 2nd trash barrel for homes... Even if just for multi-level homes.
Didn't you know you can destroy your trash barrel with an axe (you have to equip it first.) Just double click the axe in your hands then on the trash barrel, then you can place it again anywhere in your house you want. Yep, it's that simple.

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